Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Want to see Derek play? I will go!

When he is not walking dogs or playing golf... Wow - the life of a musician!

We have a new friend...

Pamela got to meet us today with Jessica!
We love her too!

Tracking trick or treat!

She can't be bothered looking up on her walkin!

Hi Mom!

I got some trick or treats!

Sunday - PET FEST 2009 - "Pet Rally and 'Tail' Gate Party"

Don't miss it!

Friends Pet Fest is Sunday, November 1, 2009 from 11AM until 4PM at Lafreniere Park, Metairie, LA. NO ADMISSION FEE!

Hope to see you there!

Are you going to come to our party tomorrow?

Please let us know...!
My babies are going to be NASA Satellites (Thanks Nicole B!)
Join us...
Cocktail & Cookie Party
3101 Prytania Street
(8th & Prytania Street ~ Garden District)
Please RSVP

My daddy is...

undefeated baby! WHO DAT!
My mom is crazy busy...
I am just crazy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Look Mom!

Both in one photo! Whooohooo...
Sending love from home!

This Sunday, 11/01 - Pet Fest 2009

Such a fun event! Last year was amazing...
Hope to see you there!
Friends of the Jefferson Animal Shelter, in partnership with Jefferson Parish will celebrate Pet Fest on 11/1 at Lafreniere Park. The theme for Pet Fest is "PET Rally" and "Tailgate Party".

How cute is Butters?

Awww! Kiss, kiss!
Hi Mom

Cocktails & Cookies Halloween Party Time!

It is time for our Annual Cocktails & Cookies Halloween Party!
Please join us...Cocktails & Cookies
Saturday ~ 10.31 ~ Halloween
5:30pm - 7:30pm
3101 Prytania Street(8th & Prytania Street ~ Garden District)
Please RSVP
Pups can bring well mannered parents...
Parents can bring well mannered pups...

MoMo may be going to see Oprah this week! REALLY!

MoMo needs our votes... I will keep you posted on his trip to Oprah. Help MoMo help New Orleans!

Big Day!



My babies are having big girl and big boy surgery today! Sadness... I am having a hard time starting my day without all of the commotion!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loves play time!

Hi Mommy!

Thanks Mom...

For not making us ride in the car for hours...
We would WAY rather stay home and walk Jessica!

Hi Mommy!

Pamela loves us too!

Fussing Isabelle

My great niece telling Isabelle she can't eat her wings on her dress or the little pink flowers and that it hurts when she knocks her down.

Hugging her and telling her that she forgives her... So cute!