Monday, December 31, 2012

Hattttteeeeee it!

Fireworks make well trained babies TT in the house! Ugh :(

Mommy posted...

What fireworks?


Got our NYE kiss from Pamela!

Kiss Kiss Kiss!

The Best Animal Stories of 2012 | The Thoughtful Animal, Scientific American Blog Network

Great quick read...

The Best Animal Stories of 2012 | The Thoughtful Animal, Scientific American Blog Network:

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Sending love...

Hi Mommy!

Pamela loves us so much...



Heureux Nouvel An!

Donate if you can!

If five people donate $100 each, it can provide a week's worth of food for our adoptables.
The Louisiana SPCA helps 20,000+ animals each year.

You can still make your impact with your tax deductible year end gift.


Why am i awake at 3:30am looking at photos? Insomniacs unite! My babies at 9 weeks. Awwww!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bradley, M & Bababananas...

on holiday! 

I agree!

Thanks HR!  This makes me so happy.

Spend the PM party @ Murphy's house!

I can't be still...

Holding Ms. Pamela...

Great news from Humane Society of Louisiana

Banner Header

Blind Kody
Little Kody is blind and was in danger of being killed a few days ago.  
We were able to save him when a public shelter contacted us for help.

It's almost 2013, and soon we will celebrate   
25 years of helping animals in Louisiana!

In this special anniversary year, we're also moving forward with  
new projects that will impact the lives of animals for years to come: 
Please support our efforts with a tax deductible donation in 2012.
  Checks should be dated by December 31st and sent to  
P.O. Box 740321, New Orleans, LA  70174, or  
you can donate online by clicking here.

OUR BIG NEWS:  Thanks to a very generous supporter, who has made a considerable donation for a down payment, the Humane Society of Louisiana will soon purchase a 47 acre property in Mt. Hermon, Louisiana, for a new animal sanctuary. We'll be able to significantly expand our efforts to rescue abused and neglected horses and other large animals, in addition to operating our programs to help companion animals.

Pollyanna and Pixie were recently rescued.  We will be able to save
more large animals from abuse and neglect 
at our new sanctuary. 
Stay tuned for more details!

Since Katrina, we've been caring for animals in Tylertown, Mississippi, where we evacuated before the hurricane. With the purchase of this new sanctuary land, we will start a new chapter in our history, as we return major operations back to Louisiana. Over time, we'll convert our smaller Tylertown site back to a hurricane evacuation center for animal rescue groups in the metro New Orleans area, as originally intended.

MORE NEWS:  This January, we're opening our first campaign office in New Orleans since Katrina at the New Orleans Healing Center on St. Claude Avenue. Having a local headquarters will help us significantly expand our programs, like humane education, cruelty prevention and foster care/volunteer and adoption programs. 

Because of some very generous gifts from our major donors, we have been able to get these projects underway...but we NEED your help to make our vision a reality!  PleaseDONATE if you can. 

Help us make our 25th anniversary year our best year ever! Thanks so much for caring

Dear Mother Nature:

Really?  Calm down please!

Hi Dr. Daddy!

Canine Mast Cell Tumors - Crash Course

Thanks Elizabeth.  Quick read...  learned a lot!

Needs a bed for that head!

If five people donate $50 each, we can supply 5 elevated beds to our adoptable animals.
The Louisiana SPCA helps 20,000+ animals each year.
You can still make your impact with your tax deductible year end gift.

Play time!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Man! I am feeling the love today!

All is well...

I am sick...


Hit the wall!

This just made my day!

Thanks Nicole. Happy New Years, and thank you for having a service that makes us so at ease when we're out of town.

Happy 7th Birthday to Max!


Not a morning person!

Morning duck hunting!