Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pamela's baby Frau... Over the rainbow...

Just 22 days ago Pamela and her husband lost little baby Lilly.  This morning her sweet Frau died while Mommy held her in her arms.  They have been preparing for this but you can never really be prepared.  They rescued her 19 years ago.  They named her Spade because of the upside down design on her neck.  She came to be known as Frau as she sounded like that when she meowed.  I know Lilly was waiting for her on the other side.  

Sweet Frau - keep your spirit at home with Mom and Dad and watch down on them.  We wanted her to stay home with Dad today but she insisted on making sure she personally took care of all of her babies on her own.  You know this already but... that is your Mom.  A heart of gold and a treasure to me.

The rest of the day is yours...  and we know you are at peace with your brothers and sisters who have gone on before.  

Nurse Jessica -


When Bradley told them he had to leave...


If MOJO does not work we can always turn to this...

Sending love from New Orleans to Instanbul!

We babysat Brad

We also made him sit in the middle!

Thank goodness...

The top 10 signs of a diehard Saints fan - More Mojo!

Why am I not surprised that this client is in this photo?

The top 10 signs of a diehard Saints fan | NolaVie - Life and Culture in New Orleans:

Ellen and the Saints - MOJO

11 Reasons The Playoffs Are All About New Orleans

I love it!

11 Reasons The Playoffs Are All About New Orleans:

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Friday, January 10, 2014

I hurt my foot...

So - can we cuddle and eat cookies?

Which one?

One of us is going to play school soon...  The other one of us is more excited about that!  You decide...

Those ears crack me up!


Okay... no kitty cats - I get it!

Now - can we look for another one?

I got the most beautiful gift last night...

You know how you always hear "it is not the gift it is the thought that matters"?  I get it and appreciate it. I don't need gifts but you know it is amazing when you feel "thought". Now - I need to pay it forward... thought feels good.  

When will you be back Ms. Barb?

Did you loose your bra?

Give us a call...  Erin knows where it is.  We can reunite y'all!

Always hunting!

Hi Mommy!

How sweet is this face?

Another new baby!


Here is what is going on...

They are waiting until I turn my back...  If I could just catch them - Isabelle opens the refrigerator door and Henri goes in for whatever he can reach.  These two are something else.  

Dachshund Escapes Plane, Eludes Authorities at Newark Airport

Oh my goodness...

Dachshund Escapes Plane, Eludes Authorities at Newark Airport | The Dogington Post:

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Little N is back!

So cute...

Our newest baby...

Welcome to our little family!

Helping Mommy!

The first Friday of Carnival Season... Make it matter!

This is SportsCenter - Drew Brees "Traffic Jam"

This cracks me up every time!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time out for a Saints moment...

So beautiful out!

Can I get the cookie now?

Best ears!

I got adopted!

But I bet this little one is so confused about her Daddy.  

One of us is not like the others...

One likes walks better than the other...

Pretty obvious.

This is my spot...

She is so serious today.

Yea - My BFF is back!

My heater is broken... The view from here!

Dear Team:  If you can't find me, I am in the Master Bedroom, bathroom... with the heater on.  It is the only heater that works.  Thank goodness I sleep with 2 big, hot dogs or it would have been a long night!

Our beautiful little girl is watching TV...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Before the end of the day... It is Wiener Wednesday!

New do!

Fargo Man Arrested For Clearing Snow With Flamethrower

So you can't do this?  I would have been his helper.


Cut the walk... get to the cookie!

Don't go so fast...

Cookie time!

Let us back in!

60 minutes?

Do you know how cold it is Bradley!

Happy Birthday Elvis!

I had THE BEST TIME at your house!

Barb - Doing her part...

To help thaw City Bark!

You have to love living in NOLA -

I hope that properly protected them!