Friday, March 4, 2011

That light is Sawyer!

8th & St. Charles is still on fire!


I love to watch them grow!

Look who is here!

Jessica and Gigi have been parading with us y'all! So happy... I have missed them so much.

Max V - International Lover - Mommy

Gave Jessica this Muses shoe last night! Love it!


NOLA: Due to weather, the N.O. parades scheduled for today will each start thirty minutes early, beginning with Krewe of Hermes at 5:30pm. All routes remain

Happy walkin' Pamela dance!

Why did the chickens cross the road?

Because the D babies were about to eat um!


Good Mornin!

Busy day... Ready to get our parade on later!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Where ya@!?!

Bradley getting his parade on!

Top Chef Masters Season 3 - For Culinary Glory - Video - Bravo TV Official Site

Gautreau's chef Sue Zemanick one of 12 to compete on next "Top Chef Masters" starting 4/6 on Bravo and LASPCA is her charity of choice!

Top Chef Masters Season 3 - For Culinary Glory - Video - Bravo TV Official Site

Storms Could Cause Problems For Endymion; Route Changed - Carnival 2011 News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Dear Mother Nature: Please don't rain on Endymion! We need them to roll Mid City because we need the night off and a short Sunday night. Thanks in advance!

Storms Could Cause Problems For Endymion; Route Changed - Carnival 2011 News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Cookie Puzzles

I always refer clients to this site for these great cookie puzzles so I decided to finally post!

Baby B...

Got his bangs cut!


Someone ditched the baby...

Regardez notre nouveau bébé ...

Un bouledogue français!



Only 9 more hours y'all...
MUSES 2011
I need some more shoes!

What you lookin' @?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Okay - not really!
Parade traffic @ La Maison made him sleepy...

Awww - love it!

That is better... Baby T is ready to get the roll on!

Oh Lord!

Well y'all... Katie is here!
Druids - Where y@

Shop Winn Dixie? You can help Humane Society of Louisiana each time you do...

No - You walkin' Barb...

I will stay here and wait!

Yummy - We got a King Cake!

Ready to walkin' Bradley...

Keep sweet baby R in your thoughts... she is riding the freedom train this week! Learning how to be a good girl OUTSIDE of the crate while Mommy is gone.

Please don't go Barb...

I want to pay toys now!

My favorite part of the day...

YouTube Video

although I had to cut because they were about to drag me across the park! Isabelle is the one on the left and sweet Henri is the one walking properly.

Sweet baby needs a home... ADOPTED!

I received this one yesterday...


Pls take a moment to read my email & forward to many.

My foster home(2 Tulane grad students) can no longer foster Keller due to their school & work schedules. I am on the search for a foster or forever home. She is well behaved. Does not chew, fully housetrained. She is dog & cat friendly. She is the SWEETEST dog EVER with people of all ages. Wonderful companion & house pet. She is totally BLIND in both eyes. She was born blind. She is approx 2 yrs old. These 2 students took her on many social events & even taught her how to jog along side of them. She loves to go on walks too.
I don't want to stress her out by putting her in a boarding facility again, she becomes so depressed.
If someone chooses to foster all expenses paid----food & vet care. Completely vetted, incl. spayed.
Pls. watch her video & open the link. I have also attached 3 photos for those that have trouble with the link.
Thk you,
Giselle Moises
New Orleans, LA

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Katie walkin...

Her babies...

Jakarta International Jazz Fest

I am bringing Derek (AKA - "my baby brother") to the airport today for his trip to his gig at the Jakarta International Jazz Festival. I am very happy that he is playing this wonderful festival again but wish he was not going around the world twice in 6 days... I worry.

Baby Java needs a home

I got a note from one of our clients regarding this sweet little girl... I am sure by now you have heard about the "hoarder" who lived on the North Shore... Thank goodness for pet lovers that rescue!


Our groomer... is doing some rescue work and is trying to find a home for her. She was one of 85 dogs rescued from the home of a hoarder on the north shore. She's currently in (groomer) home & she's working on house training.

She's spayed, microchipped & has all her shots, heartworm is negative. (Groomer) has payed for all of this, so the adoption fee would be $150. I met her & held her. She's really sweet & very shy. I'm sure with 85 dogs, she was neglected. I attached a few pictures i took of her on Barkus Sunday.

You go that way...

Oh - wait! That will not work...

Toss it, toss it, toss it

Just give me the cookie!

If you can...

And you don't work for me! Leave early... Fake a sickness and get out! It is beautiful!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Where should I sleep?

Henri on the end... Isabelle in the middle... Me?

Anyone want Henri from 3-4 everyday?

That is when Remy takes over his body!
The kid thinks Dinner should be served at 3... OH GOODNESS

YouTube Video

Look how big baby J is getting!

Wet baby!

This little girl is such a water dog! Loved playing @ City Bark today... Rain and all.

Update from PAWS

You may have seen this on our blog last week... Bless PAWS - such hard working people saving lives. Consider supporting this non-kill shelter.

Miracle... after hours of grooming!

(If you missed the last blog post - this is the before)

There was actually a dog  underneath all of this......that was found today by one of our employees,  Jessica, on her way to work.  > Jessica thought it was a plastice bag on side of the road until it picked up  it's head. > Thank God she picked her up and Tina brought her to the vet. The dog was  hardly able to stand, couldn't use her back legs and even her mouth could barely  open. She was sedated and it took 3 hours with 4 people shaving the hair off.  They said it was the worse they had ever seen. Needless to say she is absolutely  the sweetest little girl underneath that. Tina brought her back to the shelter  where she is resting in her "coon nest" in peace. > We will need donations to take care of her. It appears she has severe back leg  problems. We need to have them evaluated by a specialist as they don't  straighten up and she walks funny. I  want to thank Jessica and Tina, 2 of our  wonderful employees, Dr. Sue Olivier,Dr Amy and the amazing staff at Acadiana  West Vet office. They really helped us out today.  > Of course she wasn't micro chipped so we'll never know where she came from.  Pic #'s 0442 and 432 are her "after" pictures. > If anyone would want to donate funds for her please mail to: P.O. Box 83 Belle  Chasse, La.  70037. Also, please send to your data base so others may help her. > Oh I forgot to tell you her name....Miracle. Thanks Donna for coming up with  her certainly fits her. >  > Thanks to all of you for supporting PAWS.

Save the date y'all ~ Saturday March 12, 2011

Fantastic way to help support P.A.W.S

Gretna Pawdi Gras

benefiting ~ P.A.W.S.
A no kill facility for our homeless & abused 4 Legged friends
Gretna City Hall
Second & Huey P. Long Avenue
9:30 – Registration
10:00 - Costume Contest Judging &
Crowning of the Royal Court
10:30 - Pawdi Gras 2011 Parade

City Bark - My darling client GG...

Brings this little service dog to City Bark every week so she can have some "off time" play without her Mommy. She runs and plays and haves such a great time! Bless GG's heart... we love her so.

City Bark - News

Jackie et al are doing such a great job @ City Bark

FIELD TRIP FUN: Earlier this month, first grade students from St. Benedict the Moor School visited the SPCA and NOLA City Bark to learn about the proper treatment of pets as part of their Service-Learning Unit entitled "Care for God's Creatures." Board members Jackie Shreves and Kathy Schrenk met with the students outside the dog park and spoke with them about the dog park, its rules, and care of dogs. The students enjoyed watching the dogs play in the park and were lucky, with the permission of its owner, to pet a very patient and gentle Labradoodle who was entering the dog park. The students' service project will be to make dog biscuits, adoption bandanas, and cat toys and to collect newspapers and towels for the SPCA. The Brown Foundation is the sponsor for their project. NOLA City Bark Board strongly believes that education is the best prevention against animal abuse. If you have a school group that would like to visit the dog park, contact us at

St. Benedict 1st grade

Save the date y'all!

Saturday ~ 4.2.11

Find a constant companion from the LA/SPCA, Louisiana Boxer Rescue, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue, Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), The Sula Foundation, the St. Bernard Parish Animal Services or Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) off-site adoption teams. Adoption counselors and volunteers will be on hand to help you select the right pet for your family. We'll have a variety of four-legged friends waiting for a forever home!

The North Shore Animal League America team will be providing assistance via their 42' mobile adoption center + MORE!!

We got another new baby!!

So darling...