Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sweet Lady...

Darling little angel.  We are all just devastated... every loss is hard but loosing you has shaken all of us.  You don't know this but after Hurricane Katrina, you were one of our first babies.  They literally "fought" over who got to see you everyday.  You are just one of those little ones that we could not get enough of.  I know you were old and tired but so happy...  Bradley took this yesterday afternoon.  You were so happy in the sun but he could tell you did not feel so good.  

I hope you found Remy little girl.  You are in good company and he will take care of you.  I closed my eyes last night and I thought about how much love we have for you and how much we will miss you.  Watch over your family and make sure they feel your presence.  

Friday, December 26, 2014

Will you be back Ms. Pamela?

Focused on the cheese!

R is helping Mommy today!

Hi Mommy!

Playing with my presi!

Heads up neighbors...

An armed robbery that occurred at Seventh and Coliseum on 12-25-14 at about 9:45pm on Christmas night. 

The victims were a white male, female, and their teenage son. They were approached by what they identified as three black males (possibly juveniles), one wearing blue sweatpants and two of them wearing black masks. All three of the subjects were armed with handguns and stole two wallets, a purse, and two cell phones. GDSD and NOPD searched the immediate area but the subjects could not be located. 

NOPD did recover the two phones, one at the 1400 block of Sixth and the other at Aline and Annunciation. The victims were unharmed and their phones returned to them by NOPD. Any further information or details on this incident will be forwarded when/if received. 

Again, we encourage you to use the GDSD patrol escorts for you and your guests when coming and going form your home.   Dial directly to the officer on duty:  504-899-4374.  We suggest that you enter this number into your cell phone contact list so it is handy when needed. 

RECALL - Barkworthies Chicken Vittles dog chews

Barkworthies Chicken Vittles dog chews recalled due to Salmonella risk

I see dead people... hit the catnip!

Hi Mommy... We got a presi!

Relaxing on my vacation...

Sweet lady bug in the middle of the Christmas visit circle last night...

Morning Mommy!

Pamela was out waking up babies at 6:15am...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pamela, Bradley, Erin and Megan are out and about waking up babies and delivering presents!  They will be at it all day.  They are not only taking care of traveling clients but a TON of Medical Professional little ones today! 

Dinner @ La Masion Remy when all settles down – 9ish!?! 

Prêt à manger!

I am that parent...

Isabelle - thought bubble...  I don't care - I will punch you.

Henri - Why are we awake?

I told them Santa came....

Joyeux Noël

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cajun Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas an’ all t’ru de house,
Dey don’t a ting pass Not even a mouse.

De chirren been nezzle good snug on de flo’,
An’ Mama pass de pepper t’ru de crack on de do’.
De Mama in de fireplace done roas’ up de ham,
Sit up de gumbo an’ make de bake yam.

Den out on de by-you dey got such a clatter,
Make soun’ like old Boudreau done fall off his ladder.

I run like a rabbit to got to de do’,
Trip over de dorg an’ fall on de flo’.
As I look out de do’in de light o’ de moon,
I t’ink, “Mahn, you crazy or got ol’ too soon.”

Cux dere on de by-you w’en I stretch ma’neck stiff,
Dere’s eight alligator a pullin’ de skiff.

An’ a little fat drover wit’ a long pole-ing stick,
I know r’at away got to be ole St.Nick.

Mo’ fas’er an’ fas’er de’ gator dey came
He whistle an’ holler an’ call dem by name:
“Ha, Gaston! Ha, Tiboy! Ha, Pierre an’ Alcee’!
Gee, Ninette! Gee, Suzette! Celeste an’Renee’!
To de top o’ de porch to de top o’ de wall,
Make crawl, alligator, an’ be sho’ you don’ fall.”

Like Tante Flo’s cat t’ru de treetop he fly,
W’en de big ole houn’ dorg come a run hisse’s by.

Like dat up de porch dem ole ‘gator clim!
Wit’ de skiff full o’ toy an’ St. Nicklus behin’.
Den on top de porch roof it soun’ like de hail,
W’en all dem big gator, done sot down dey tail.

Den down de chimney I yell wit’ a bam,
An’ St.Nicklus fall an’ sit on de yam.
“Sacre!” he axclaim, “Ma pant got a hole
I done sot ma’se’f on dem red hot coal.”
He got on his foots an’ jump like de cat
Out to de flo’ where he lan’ wit’ a SPLAT!

He was dress in musk-rat from his head to his foot,
An’ his clothes is all dirty wit’ ashes an’ soot.

A sack full o’ playt’ing he t’row on his back,
He look like a burglar an’ dass fo’ a fack.
His eyes how dey shine his dimple, how merry!
Maybe he been drink de wine from de blackberry.
His cheek was like a rose his nose a cherry,
On secon’ t’ought maybe he lap up de sherry.

Wit’ snow-white chin whisker an’ quiverin’ belly,
He shook w’en he laugh like de stromberry jelly!

But a wink in his eye an’ a shook o’ his head,
Make my confi-dence dat I don’t got to be scared.
He don’ do no talkin’ gone strit to hi work,
Put a playt’ing in sock an’ den turn wit’ a jerk.
He put bot’ his han’ dere on top o’ his head,
Cas’ an eye on de chimney an’ den he done said:
“Wit’ all o’ dat fire an’ dem burnin’ hot flame,
Me I ain’ goin’ back by de way dat I came.”

So he run out de do’ an, he clim’ to de roof,
He ain’ no fool, him for to make one more goof.
He jump in his skiff an’ crack his big whip,
De’ gator move down, An don’ make one slip.

An’ I hear him shout loud as a splashin’ he go,
“Merry Christmas to all ’til I saw you some mo’!”

Author: J. B. Kling, Jr., 1973

All the best to all of you on Christmas Eve...

Célébrer la joie du réveillon de Noël!
Thank you to my wonderful staff for working so hard today and I know y'all will still be at it well into this evening

(They will be back at it early tomorrow morning too…)

I could not do this without y'all and I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

I came to visit!

All tucked in!

Hi Mommy! Our party starts later...

I love when we get the bunny!

Do we get to open one today?

Sending tons of Christmas Eve love...

Pamela... thank you for my Christmas presi!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You have to stop and smell the flowers!

Don't hate on my grout... I had to zoom in!

For sale - 3101 Prytania Street... 3,000 Square Foot Dog House located in the Garden District where things that should be in the Garden move inside.  FREAKING OUT HERE!    

She run under the refrigerator.  She is clearly pregnant and is ready to deliver 27 babies.  I will discount the price of the home.  Now - obviously... her home.  I will forward mail.

Cone of shame today...

My leg gets me no special treatment!

All mine... Even the work out thing (mine because I took it!)

Bradley's little one..

Do I look cheerful?

What are you giving me for Christmas?

Heads up yall! Armed Robbery at Henry Clay and Coliseum

The 4p-12a police detail was on duty in Upper Hurstville Security District and was the first responder on this call.  The following is a preliminary report from the UHSD patrol:

Just prior to the crime, the perps circled by the victim at least twice in a white small model SUV, but the victim, who was walking from his parent’s house in the area of St. Charles Ave., did not take note of the danger. At the corner of Coliseum and H. Clay, he was surprised when they came upon him from behind, struck him once and held him down while they frisked him. The victim was carrying a concealed weapon, a revolver, which was stolen along with his cell phone and wallet. He is not believed to be seriously injured.

Per NOPD, the perps are believed to be three B/M’s of average height, possibly teenagers. They were wearing dark colored hoodies. One was armed during the attack. They fled in the white SUV north towards St. Charles Ave.

FYI, on Sat. there was an armed robbery wherein the victim was shot in the stomach several hundred yards away in Daneel Park at Octavia at St. Charles.   The description of the perps therein is being checked against what happened in UHSD.

Sad reality

Number of gifts purchased:
Number of days to shop:
Ability to go today:


Is it presi day yet?

Good morning New Orleans!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Playin with Ms. Pamela!


I bet they come down and Carnival goes up!

My serious, serious face!

Anne Rice...

I am guessing that she would not be happy with what is going on in her garden room.  The beautiful room as been turned into a hoops room.  I am guessing someone is working on shooting skills!  That thing that looks like a table is a basketball goal game.  Strong commitment to the children and the game!
1 word...

Someone is hiding from Ms. Pamela... not me!

When do I get my presi?

If you phone and you can't hear me...  don't hang up.  I have a voice of a prank phone caller.  Actually, I don't really have a voice!  

Some are pretty happy about this situation.  

Geaux away cold!