Friday, September 19, 2014


I can listen with one ear!

BIG NEWS: FBI To Start Tracking Animal Cruelty Cases


Dog in Los Angeles injured during chase receives support


Dog in Los Angeles injured during chase receives support - WFSB 3 Connecticut

BLACK & GOLD friday!

"When Mommy gets home today" presi for the babies!

We love Petcetera! Truth be known... Henri shoplifted these when we went in on Saturday.  

You bite - you buy! 

Waiting for Ms. Pamela -

She does this every day...

Off to school!

Just a Priate waiting for the streetcar...

Holy winter!

J'aime toute l'attention!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Don't you cross this street people...

I am not laughing at you... I am laughing with you!

Where are we going Mr. Bradley?

Public Service Announcement

If you want to preserve your sanity, avoid Washington between Prytania and Magazine tomorrow.  NCIS New Orleans filming in and outside of Commanders.  Henri will provide feedback on craft services in the morning.

I have to go to the Dr... Megan is my car service!

Hide it so they don't see it!

I got carried away with my reading material.


I love you...



But why?

Play time with Ms. Pamela


Tu me manques maman mais je heureux d'avoir de si longues visites. Ils m'aiment et je les aime trop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I pray for a better tomorrow... This week has been so full of loss. 

Mourning Melody by Jonathan Lefcoski

What an amazing musician, a wonderful man...  Tears.  Sleep with the angels Jonathan.


But it is raining...

Cain got busted...

All smiles!

Playing ball!

Cheerios Multigrain...

make fantastic puppy treats!

Finally... 7 weeks old.

I can't believe I had two of them.  This kid is something else!

Thank goodness he is here... It has been a hard day.  Actually, a hard week.  He lets me cuddle and I need to cuddle. 

Sending much love...

Our Admin Assistant today...

Holding it down @ HQ!

Sending love to our Mommy...

Bonjour et gros bisou!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Jonathan Lefcoski solo piano - Image


Sir Remy...

Derek recorded this during the 2008 Jazz Fest  with Jason Stewart, Jason Marsalis and Jonathan Lefcoski.

"...dedicated to my sisters dog, Remy"... 

A beautiful, talented soul lost...

Kermit Ruffins, Jason Stewart, Adonis Rose, Dr. John, Derek Douget and 

Jonathan Lefcoski

My heart is broken... Rest in peace Jonathan.  

This news takes my breath away... You are loved my friend... loved beyond.  

Is this the perfect "get a cookie" sit?