Saturday, December 18, 2010

Note from Bradley...

This is what happens when a pitch black dog has her pic taken when it's pitch black outside.

At least he did what I asked... Thanks Bradley! She is pretty!

Our little Martha Stewart

Blue lights and Bumbles @ Pamela's house...

Our parents FINALLY traveled...

They do need to get out more often... Xoxo y'all!

Note from Katie...

"Buzi just ruined Christmas by pulling all the gifts off the counter and opening them!!!"

Friday, December 17, 2010

No... I do not want to play.

Drop the cookies and geaux!

Dogs Rescued From Chile Arrive In New Orleans - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Dogs Rescued From Chile Arrive In New Orleans - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

I love this story...

Caroling in Jackson Square

THIS SUNDAY! I am so excited y'all... 6:30pm - 8:00pm.

Caroling in Jackson Square | WWOZ 90.7 FM

NPR - Top 10 Jazz Albums of the Year

I am always the last to hear these things and go figure... I had to hear it on NPR this morning. Congratulations Maurice and to my little brother Derek. (BTW - he will always be my little brother... and as you may know, helps us when we need help!) This is such a great honor!

Trumpeter Maurice Brown came up in jazz in Chicago; he found his way to New Orleans for a while, including through Hurricane Katrina, and he now lives in New York. Judging from his second album, The Cycle Of Love, he seems to have picked up various lessons along the way: earthy intelligence, urbane slickness, how to party. The global aesthetic of hip-hop is also present -- Brown works with plenty of R&B and rap artists -- and his band, especially the tenor saxophonist Derek Douget, has a certain bounce (and a few skittering rimshots) in its step. But there's also a clear compositional savvy in the 10 tunes here; it attests to a jazz pedigree. The result is a jazz record that feels like it's from musicians of the hip-hop generation -- and compromises neither genre.

I am famous...


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Did you get this today?

Dear Friends of the Louisiana SPCA,

For over 60 years the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been contracted to provide animal control services to the City of New Orleans. Animal control is an important municipal responsibility, and the LA/SPCA is proud of the quality of services and humane care we have been given the opportunity to provide to the citizens and animals of Orleans Parish. The LA/SPCA Board of Directors has decided it would be a disservice to the animals of this community to attempt to provide animal control for the amount proposed by the city. Consequently, we will not submit a proposal to perform animal control services for 2011 as invited to by the City.

I want to thank all of you for your support during the budget process. It is because of your voice the New Orleans City Council added $200,000 to the Mayor’s proposed $1.5 million budget. But, after careful analysis, the funding is significantly less than we needed to continue. It is irresponsible of us as animal welfare advocates to reduce the level of services and quality of care that our citizens and animals expect and deserve in order to work within that allocation.

The mission of the Louisiana SPCA has always been, and will continue to be, advocating for the welfare of animals in this region. The LA/SPCA will continue to provide emergency services through December 31, 2010 when the current animal control contract expires.

In 2011, the Louisiana SPCA will take this opportunity to focus more on our humane mission and programs such as cruelty investigations, humane education, disaster preparedness, spay/neuter and adoptions. As always, we remain committed to the people and animals of New Orleans and our region. We will continue to keep you updated as we move forward.


Ana Zorrilla
Chief Executive Officer

We are lost! Do you know us?

Note from client...
Freinds and neighbors, last night a dachsaund and dachsaund beagle mix strolled in Mick's Pub. Tracy, the owner of the Red Door on Carrollton happened to be there and picked them up and tried going door to door in hopes of helping them find their home. Currently the little pair are at 4841 Bienville, but unfortunately the owner can't hold on to them for much longer, so they plan to take them to the SPCA. Attached is a photo of the dogs. If these pups are familiar to you or you know where their home or owner is, please contact Kimberly at 504-486-9533 or Tracy at the Red Door bar.
Natalie Lafont
Cell: 504-228-7325

Service Dog - OFF Hours!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Gambit


SPCA declines 2011 animal control contract


The Louisiana Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) decided not to submit its proposal for the city’s $1.7 million animal control contract for 2011, ending its 60-year partnership with the city.

“After consideration, the board decided it would be a disservice to the citizens and animals of Orleans Parish,” says SPCA communications director Katherine LeBlanc, who added that the $1.7 million would not sufficiently provide for the city’s animals in need, and the organization feels the city is able to create an alternative. “We can’t do it for $1.7 million, but someone can,” she says.

The SPCA has worked to improve the lives of animals and eliminate animal homelessness, neglect and abuse in New Orleans and surrounding areas since 1888. Though it’s ending its animal control contract with the city, the organization will continue other services like its outreach programs and mobile clinics, though it still isn’t sure what its budget will look like for 2011.

“Our central mission is advancing the welfare of the animals in this region,” said SPCA board president Sally Knight in a Dec. 15 statement “While we have a great sense of accomplishment and pride in the services we have provided the city over the past 60 years, we could not responsibly continue to perform animal control at the proposed amount.”

On Dec. 1, Ana Zorrilla, president and CEO of the SPCA, announced, “We were pleased to see that New Orleans City Council recognized the need for more funding for animal control services. While it is not the entire amount we proposed we are committed to providing animal control to the city of New Orleans and we will be working with the city to determine what services we can provide for $1.7 million.”

The organization was scheduled to submit a budget proposal to Mayor Mitch Landrieu by Friday, Dec. 17. Board members met Dec. 15 to assemble the proposal within the $1.7 million budget, but instead declined to move forward with a budget plan and end its animal control contract with the city. Landrieu press secretary Ryan Berni says the mayor's office was unaware of the SPCA's plans to withdraw.

The SPCA needs an operating budget of $4.5 million for a full year’s worth of services, including animal control (which accounts for $3 million of the budget), according to Zorrilla. In past years, the SPCA has been forced to cut services before the year’s end, resulting in NOPD’s absorption of emergency animal control services.

The money ran out Oct. 1, 2010, based on a contract arranged in former Mayor Ray Nagin’s administration. A similar contract for 2009 ended Nov. 30, 2009, and the SPCA’s services didn’t resume until the following year. The current contract expires Dec. 31, 2010.

Louisiana SPCA won't renew New Orleans animal-control contract

Updated: Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 6:01 PM

For the first time in 60 years, the Louisiana SPCA next year will not provide animal-control services in New Orleans, an agency spokesman has said.

santa-spca-shelties.jpgView full sizeSanta, aka John Davenport, shows off nine shelties at Jefferson Feed and Seed on Dec. 11. A local photo studio was shooting pet photographs to raise money for the Louisiana SPCA and Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue. The nine shelties are the pets of Karen Boss, Francis DiFranco, Kathy Singleton and Donna Murphy.

The organization's board decided during a meeting Wednesday not to renew its contract with the city because it cannot provide humane services for $1.7 million, the sum the New Orleans City Council allocated in the 2011 budget, spokesman Katherine LeBlanc said.

The figure includes $200,000 that was added by the council to the sum Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration had earmarked for the service.

Louisiana SPCA officials had requested $3 million next year to continue their work for City Hall but would have settled for $2.5 million, LeBlanc said.

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Ann Duplessis recently told Louisiana SPCA officials that the city has found "another viable option" to provide animal-control services at the budgeted price, LeBlanc said.

"We were surprised to hear that somebody else would be able to do it at $1.7 million," LeBlanc said. "We twisted the numbers and turned the numbers and really tried to figure out how we could do it, and we couldn't."

Landrieu spokesman Ryan Berni, however, indicated that the city has not selected a new vendor.

"We remain confident that we will be able to execute a cooperative endeavor agreement with another animal control provider in the region to secure these critical services for our residents," he said in an e-mail message. "We are committed to providing good animal control services at a price the city can afford."

The Louisiana SPCA will continue its other work in New Orleans, she said, noting that the agency plans to keep a close eye on whether the city's new vendor lives up to its own standards for the humane treatment of animals.

From WWL Web Site... I love this idea!

JACKSON, La. (AP) -- East Feliciana Parish finally has a public-supported animal shelter and adoption center for the care of unwanted cats and dogs roaming the parish.

And the state now has another facility to temporarily shelter pets that could be displaced because of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.

The Pen Pals Inc. Dog and Cat Shelter and Adoption Center is open for business within the fences of Dixon Correctional Institute, a medium-security prison on La. 68 near Jackson.

The shelter and adoption facility is in a new building on the site where the old chapel used to be.

That chapel was torn down after a new chapel was built on the prison grounds.

The Humane Society of the United States gave the prison a $600,000 grant to build the new facility, which has room for 52 dogs in its adoption center.

A large, pavilion-style building a short distance away also has space for cages for displaced pets in an emergency.

Corrections Secretary James M. LeBlanc told visitors touring the facility Tuesday that the idea for the shelter might have originated from an incident in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Corrections officers from around the state were involved in moving 10,000 prisoners from facilities in the New Orleans area when LeBlanc said he and then-Secretary Richard Stalder happened upon a puppy struggling to keep its head above water on a flooded interstate highway.

As the lower-ranking officer, LeBlanc joked that he knew he would have to leave the dry confines of their vehicle to rescue the puppy, which was eventually named "Evac" and now resides with a deputy corrections secretary.

Later, DCI took in about 200 dogs and cats to ease the load on the volunteers who were caring for rescued animals at the Lamar-Dixon Center in Gonzales.

"We learned a lot from that," said LeBlanc, who was then DCI's warden. "We also learned that the experience of caring for the animals changed our offender population."

DCI Deputy Warden Janet Lorena said a corporation, Pen Pals Inc., is applying to the Internal Revenue Service for nonprofit status that will make donations to the center tax-deductible.

"Once that happens, I think people will begin to give," Lorena said.

The center has about $89,000 remaining from the Humane Society grant that will enable it to operate through June without additional revenue, she said.

Corrections Col. John Smith, who heads the unit, said the center accepts dogs and cats from East Feliciana Parish only, with law enforcement agencies expected to be its main source of strays.

The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine is the third partner in the venture, with LSU veterinarians and students making regular visits to the facility to spay and neuter the animals and provide veterinary care.


Hurry home Mommy

I posted a note on Facebook yesterday... I love y'all!

Me - We have a potential new Mommy who is considering using us but is a little concerned about how we work... Can anyone offer any feedback for said potential new client/Mommy.

I just saw a photo of her baby and really want to play (and by that I mean take care of!) him. So cute y'all!

  • I love the way your sitters keep a handwritten daily log that we can read when we return; the entries are so thorough you know its not just a quick few moments they spend with your pet, they really get to know her and become friends. The p...See More
    14 hours ago ·
  • DM ditto! love that i KNOW they're taken care of while im gone and i dont have to worry about them. love the pics and love the notes. :)
    14 hours ago ·

  • SS I'd be happy to be a recommendation. You guys have been amazing with mine. And I'd be happy to refer you (actually have to several friends) to anyone!
    14 hours ago ·

  • MC Most reliable, trustworthy, dog loving group of people I've had take care of my dogs. When my Coco sees Nicole or Brad at the dog park, she gets so excited and so happy to see them. That is pretty good proof, cuz Ms. Coco don't like everybody :)
    14 hours ago ·
  • SS The notes are the best!
    14 hours ago ·
  • F Tell her that I trust u guys with my babies lives hand down! U have great people that work for u and love others pets as much as the owners!! Muah!
    14 hours ago ·
  • MW I feel the same way. My Penny has gotten the best care since I starting her with NOLA Petcare. I trust them so much and Pamela has such a relationship with my little girl! It is too cute! Nicole, have them call me or send me a message if they need to chat. Thanks again!!
    14 hours ago ·
  • KM Potential new Mommy here! Your comments on Nicole's wall are very reassuring! I have been looking around for someone to walk my little Ryoku, and no one has made me feel as comfortable as she has. This gives me great peace of mind!

    14 hours ago ·
  • HR NOLA petcare is like an extension of yourself.....they WILL love your baby JUST like you do. They are angels who will exceed your expectations. Life savers......gifted and sent from heaven. :-)
    14 hours ago ·

  • MM They are the best! One of my favorite stories: one afternoon I took off from work, but didn't want to deny my pups their delight of walking with Sawyer. Not paying attention to the time, I was in the driveway with Thibodaux riding shotgun. Seeing Sawyer enter our yard, Thibodaux jumped out of the window and into Sawyer's arms! You just have to love a team that makes your pets so happy :-)
    13 hours ago ·

  • KZ Omg...that is the cutest story ever lol! =D
    13 hours ago ·

  • CR they are the best! We have no worries at all when we're away. Nicole, Sawyer, Bradley & Katie are so loving & awesome!!!
    13 hours ago ·

  • NB Newton loved you guys. And he does not like many people. And i'll never forget that story about y'all mopping up a client's house after their pipe burst! Now that's dedication!
    13 hours ago ·
  • APU I don't know what we would do with out all of you. I can't even begin to say how wonderful it is knowing that the babies are in such great hands. The ease of scheduling and most of all knowing that the babies are getting loved and that their routine is still the same.. Such an easy transition!! Nicole you guys are such a true blessing to our family!!! Thank you!!!
    13 hours ago ·
  • Nicole Douget
    My goodness... I would have taken a shorter soak in the tub if I would have known I was missing all of this love!

    Thank you so much for your kind words... each and everyone of y'all - our family! I tell people all of the time that I have ...See More
    13 hours ago ·

  • RW All I can say is that you put up with our crazy schedule (including a 36 hour labor and spontaneous trips) and we consistently come home to a clean, happy house full of pets. We LOVE New Orleans Pet Care and Miss Sawyer and we don't know what we would do without you. We also speak for our fur babies. :)
    13 hours ago ·

  • KF OMG! Can't say enough! My schedule doesn't require NOLA Petcare to swing by all that often, but when it does---I have NO worries! My Liza is scared of her own shadow and Bradley has been amazing with her! She's not always fond of a walk either, so sometimes he takes her out to potty and then just hangs out with her for a bit, takes pics, and even gets kisses! AND, when I'm really in a bind, they'll pick her up from Crescent City vet or camp and get her home safely! I couldn't ask for more!!!!
    12 hours ago ·
  • HY Don't worry! verrrrrry wonderful!!! you will not regret their care! like no other! :)
    12 hours ago ·

  • MV I love NOPC. I recommend them every chance I get. They are totally reliable, trustworthy, and caring.
    11 hours ago ·

  • LO NOPC is fantastic! I recommend them to all my friends. When I come home from trips, I love to read the little notes they leave.
    about an hour ago ·
  • EM Bonky, Lili and Ubu all give a big paws up for NOPC!
    about an hour ago ·
  • DH
    I literally refused to move to a great new house because it was just outside of NOPC's area. That is a deal breaker for me.. Caring for my dogs was a challenge when I first moved to NOLA until I found Nicole and her crew. Would not give that up for anything. They have been there when I needed them on several emergency times and I never worry about being away when the dogs (and my house) are in their care. Totally top notch in every way. Don't hesitate using their services, you will not regret it for a moment. Misty and Stormy give 2 paws up!
    57 minutes ago ·

  • CC I wouldn't hire anyone else to take care of my kids. I have such peace of mind knowing professionals who actually LOVE my boys are taking care of them.
    17 minutes ago ·
  • Nicole Douget Man - I should do this more often! Thanks so much y'all. We do love y'all!