Friday, October 24, 2014

Rest in peace our baby Nacho...

This is always so hard… Naho’s Mommy started sharing him with us in 2006 and not only did we walk him but he often stayed with us.  He was a wonderful baby but would scare the heck out of us because he would hide when we arrived and never respond when we called him.  He was so good at hiding it would often take more than one person to find him in the house… he loved under the bed, in the closet in a basket, etc.  The best one was when he shoved himself under the sofa cushion!  It took us about an hour to find him! 

I received an email today from him Mommy… He lived 13 years and was so spoiled and loved by his Mommy and all of us.

Darling little baby Nacho… take rest sweet baby.  I hope and dream that when you crossed over, Remy was there to meet you. Know you were loved and will always be.  Watch over your Mommy and let her feel your presence.  Take comfort in the moment you closed your eyes, you were in and will always be in her arms.  

If you lived in this mansion... you would smile too - or look perplexed!

I am going to dream about this...

Don't tell them but... we love when they leave!

Heads up those around Napoleon and Danneel...

We LOVE our vacation with Pops!

Off to play school and bath time!


Rescuing a baby is no joke...

Paws and fingers crossed...  I so hope this perspective family is willing and able to take her.  

She is still at CCV and will move to Canine Connection on Wednesday.  If you have time to take her for a cuddles, please let me know and I will make arrangements.  She is Heart Worm positive so we can't do much with her.  

We are still calling her Megan's little girl.  I hope the perspective new Mommy will name her soon.  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We went to the hair dresser!


This is darling...

I love this smile!

Top Ten Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Great reminders!

Will pay attention for cookies...

Our newest little one...

Not all the time but when he wants to play with his cousin!

We love Bradley days!

It is a beautiful day for a walk on the lake front!

Seriously - Don't touch my pumpkins...

Made me laugh!

Sending love to Mommy!

Checking in for school!

She likes to relax while eating breakfast!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Donations and the little girl that Megan saved...

We have a few big donation bags to deliver next week.  If you have anything you would like to donate, please leave for us to pick up.  They can always use pet beds, toys, towels, sheets, blankets, etc...  We are going to drop off on the 1st. 

We have had a very eventful week... for those of you that do not consistently  follow our blog, this happened.  I have posted a few updates.  If you know of anyone that may be interested in adopting or fostering this little girl, please let me know.  I have taken care of all of her medical expenses and I am boarding her at CCV.  She is a sweet little girl but as you can imagine, trying to place a Pittbull is very difficult.  I hope we can find a home for her because if not, we will have no other option but to turn her over to the SPCA in hopes they can. (For curious minds - no... Tia is not an option)  

This is my - we are having another baby face...


My belly hurts...

She did not fake it either (trust me)!  She loves the extra attention but was not happy that Ms. Barb did not give her treats!
GOSH... so sad that the 203 year old building on Royal collapsed.  Anxious that the neighbors can't get into the building next door because two dogs are inside.


For insurance reasons and because it is so "close" to our coast, we are monitoring. Hopefully #9 will go away.  No one wants a visit from #9! 

The life Megan saved...

Paws and fingers crossed and thanks to Gene Goldring we may have found a family! We are all so hopeful that this works out.  She is still at Crescent City Vet and is getting tons of love and attention.  

Thanks y'all for continuing to ask about her and those that have volunteered to financially support her, walk her and spend time just cuddling with her.  

I will keep y'all posted!  

Relaxing with Ms. Pamela...

I can hear ya!

You know why we are on the blog so much?

5 days a week 2x a day...

This rejected New Yorker cartoon might just be the best New Yorker cartoon of all time


Pot heads