Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am cute so don't be mad!

Why you should NEVER hire a kid to watch your babies...

So, a client of ours leaves and hires her children's sitter to watch her pets. (Regretting having done so now) Long story short, her (the kid) purse gets stolen from a bar last night. The last time she visited the dog was at 5:00pm yesterday. It is 12:18PM and she just contacted said client and arranged to pick up our key. To top it all off... she is watching more pets for another family (not a client of ours) and she can't get in touch with them so, she is just going to wait to hear back. Again, last time she visited the dogs was at 5:00pm ish yesterday...

I am beautiful...

Like my do?

Hurry lady... we are paying attention!

Calli and the kids!

You like the do?

Don't hate... appreciate!

I am so serious!

But I am very happy...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What the heck!?

I just finished keying Derek's schedule into our New Orleans Pet Care schedule for June, July and August... I want to be a Grammy Award winning musician/New Orleans Pet Care Team Member:

June, July & August:

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY


Leon, France

Paris, France

Porec, Croatia

Vitoria, Spain

Tunisia North Africa

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Conversely, I am going to a meeting in Hammond and I have Jury Duty every Tuesday and Thursday in July. If my piano teacher Mr. Fornet, would not have told my Mom that she was wasting her money, I would be the one darting about the world!


I could not be...

any cuter!

How can you not love this?

Hi Mom!

Jessica is loving me!

Hi Mommy... xoxo

Our Honeymoon...

Is good too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My favorite I Phone Apps!

The official app for the American Humane Society will not only help you show your support for the organization, but offers info on its work, notes on how you can get involved, and options to donate and challenge friends to "Be Humane." If you enjoy the video and images of the AHA in action then you might also like to check out The Humane Society of the United States HumaneTV app, another free way to stay up-to-date on the Humane Society's latest news.

: Free

My favorite I Phone Apps!

I ADMIT IT! Bow Shot $0.99

If you love those photos of dogs with their heads cocked inquisitively but can't get your canine to comply, this app should help. It offers five sounds (such as squeaky toy and whistle) to get your pet's attention at the crucial moment so you can snap the perfect shot from within the app. MewShot is also available for cat owners.

My favorite I Phone Apps!

A MUST HAVE! Pet First Aid... $3.99

Would you know what to do if your pet got stung by a wasp or fractured a bone? While we sincerely hope you'll never need to use this app (and it's certainly no substitute for veterinary advice) downloading it will make you more prepared in an emergency situation should the worst happen. Pet First Aid offers articles, illustrations, and videos for informative advice and action available to you on your handset 24/7.

My favorite I Phone Apps!

Hurricane Season 2010... this is great! This "pet tracker" lets you create healthcare profiles for each of your pets, including data such as I.D. tag numbers, vaccination history and vet details. In addition, there's the ability to keep track of medication and weight with "notes" and "journal" functionalities to add more details.... Paw Card! It is free...

My favorite I Phone Apps!

This could come in handy in an evacuation situation... Dog Park Locator - With the option to either use the "Locate Me" feature (which will triangulate your position via your iPhone's GPS functionality) or enter a zip code, this free app from Eukanuba will find dog-friendly parks when it's time for walks at home or away. Use it to generate a list of the five nearest parks that allow off-the-leash action. This list does not include permit only parks (City Bark) . Cost: Free

Hurricane Season - 2010

Are you ready?
Let us help you... This is not our first rodeo!
Need a preparedness guide?

Not easy!

But worth it!

Someone is trying to tell someone something!

This is Dil telling Katie to "zip it"!