Saturday, November 30, 2013

Someone is hiding from the camera!

Chilling out...

I want this chicken.

I really want some chickens!  Can't I have a farm?

Yub Caturday!

Big walking the little... Those ears (Not Brad's the puppy!!)

November Blog Recap

Man this month went by fast... I feel like I lost a few days!

I took the personal stuff out of these... enough about the brain.  I actually have one, the tumor is gone and I have the most horrible hair cut EVER!  Onward and upward...

1. Audubon Park area... One of our clients lost her dog. 
He was found the next day... safe and sound kicking it at the SPCA

2. The power of the Internet and Social Media 
More Nacho... His story was shared 563 times by Saturday morning

3. Woman Claims United Airlines almost killed her dog...
We are getting more and more requests to transport animals across the country vs people flying them.  I could NEVER fly the babies unless they were sitting nicely in the seats next to me.

4.Current Recalled
Read, phone the number on the product, google - whatever... just make sure you know what you are giving them!

5. YUBS 
One of three...  They live the life honey!

They are?

Esplanade Avenue around Rampart/Frenchman BRAKE TAG CHECK

Brake tag check... horrible traffic... stopping every car!  Avoid - especially if you have an expired tag!

That cookie was good, good, good!

We need this win people!

Barb is getting this new baby!

Caturday y'all!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Waiting for our Mommy to come home...

Sending love from NOLA!

If you had any idea how famous we are... You would FLIP!

Holiday cat tips: 8 Tips to keep your cat safe during the holidays

DARN - I thought I posted this yesterday!

Holiday cat tips: 8 Tips to keep your cat safe during the holidays -

'via Blog this'

How pretty is this?!

My Murhp (and by that I mean Erin's Murph)

Well, well, well - look who decided to grace us!

Henri - really... get up.

Black Friday! Great gift idea!

How about a New Orleans Pet Care Gift Certificate!  Email and we will be all over it...  

I love the spend the PM company...

Will I get my Thanksgiving present today?

Total real Lab!

Hi Mommy!

We love you!  We got presents...  Hurry back!


Thankful for...

My amazing Team that worked SOOOO hard yesterday and my fantastic clients that allow us to take care of all the babies!

Presh babies...

I simply can't leave the house until Sunday...

I am so loved by by sister...


Good walkin', full belly, sleepy time!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It is supper time!

I jump every time!


I look beautiful!

Can we have um?

Let us just say this -

Our little sister (not in photo) is a ROYAL.  justsayin.

I have on my happy face!

Nothing like it!

So far... only 3 people on delay at MSY!  Not bad...  

Fingers and paws crossed!  

No really... relax!

LOVIN my Bradley time!

Everyone is good mommy!

No problems...  Ms. Pamela said we are getting a present tomorrow so whatever you do - don't come home!

Hi Mommy!

We slept so good!

Time out...

Gotta get our presents on!