Friday, September 16, 2011

I just had this conversation with MF yesterday...

I got this email today...

"....  your blog bored me today.  I expect more photos and funny things;."

I love it!

Trust me...

I am happy!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Getting better...

Stitches out and they think they got all the cancer!
Keep your paws crossed for me...

Saturday the 17th

I am going to go check out my younger brother on Saturday evening!  Everyone should come...


SATURDAY, Sept. 17
Roland Guerin is a versatile, in-demand bassist, backing a variety of mostly jazz artists on both electric and upright acoustic instruments. He also cultivates his own, forward-thinking projects as a leader, including his new CD, “A Different World.” On the title track and “Full of Heart,” Guerin is backed by drummer Terrence Higgins and percussionist Bill Summers. Other tracks feature a band that includes Higgins, guitarist Shane Theriot, keyboardist Mike Esneault and saxophonist Khris Royal. Throughout, Guerin specializes in a melodic brand of smooth jazz fusion, all nimble, plucked bass lines and lush arrangements. For a CD release party Saturday in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s Patrick F. Taylor Library, Guerin is joined by Theriot, Derek Douget on sax, Austin Johnson and Kyle Rouselle on keyboards, and John Jones on drums. They’ll perform two sets, at 6 and 8 p.m.

My little Lulu

I love this darling girl!

This makes me happy!

Thank you Mother Nature!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not easy...

Sexy Max, Henri and Isabelle... keeping it real in the Garden District!

I love me some Lulu!

LASPCA - Fighting Overpopulation (Cats)

Over 9,000 feral cats inhabit one neighborhood in New Orleans. Obviously, this is more than any do-gooder, caretaker, or animal lover can manage. Trap-Neuter-Return, a program that attempts to corral feral cat populations into manageable colonies, is recognized as the most humane and effective way to control a booming feral cat population. Algiers has a booming feral cat population, and we are going to do something about that. Over the next two years the LA/SPCA is going to provide 2,324 free spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats living in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans. A quarter of the LA/SPCA’s feline intake is from Algiers and with this aggressive effort, funded by PetSmart Charities, we hope to see our intake numbers decline.

 This targeted effort will provide important data on how progressive spay/neuter programs can impact an animal population. Eventually, that data can be used to implement similar programs throughout New Orleans, and maybe even the nation! Every feral cat participating in the LA/SPCA Trap-Neuter-Return program, which provides sterilization surgery, vaccinations, and ear tipping, that is brought from the 70114 and 70131 zip codes will receive these services for free.  Make your appointment today: 363-1333. Not in those zip codes? Feral cats can receive these services from other neighborhoods for $25. Let’s make a difference for them and our neighbors. Find out more about the LA/SPCA Trap-Neuter-Return program: Or donate today to help us continue these programs.

To all of my engaged girls... The Wedding Dog

We get asked all the time if we will bring pets to wedding and we have done so a bunch of times. Actually, we have a few coming up.   I found this blog and it has some cute photo ideas and ideas in general.

To all of my engaged girls... like you need something else to read! Enjoy..

'via Blog this'

How cute is this darling baby?!


What I really want to do today...

Take one of these drivers and hit them with a rope in 93 degree weather and make them pull my big booty, the mule and several of my friends around the French Quarter.

Guess What?

THIS IS MY 5,000th POST!

I am darling! Admit it...

Brad will wear ya out!

Take that Garden District Association...

I got a huge one to go with my little one!
I am just trying to tell people how to spot my house...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This just made my day...

Just wanted to send my thanks again for watching H and F.  As always, I can tell babies well taking care, let me rephrase . . . extremely well taken care of by Pamela.  From her notes, I think she loves them as much as we do.  It brings such piece of mind to know they are in good hands when we travel.  Please pass on our many thanks to Pamela as well.

We so enjoyed their pictures on the blog – it made our day on vacation to see their cute faces!  The one picture with F on his side playing with rainbow toy – at first I thought it was a dog, then I realized just our very large “boned” F.  He now tips the scales at 24 pounds – so much to love!  We do try to diet, but it is not easy.  His brain thinks he is hungry all the time.         

Look at my smile...

Barb makes me  happy!
I make Barb happy!
I had her at hello...

Hey Now!

They do!

48 days...

Until Halloween yet Pamela felt the need to rock the spider socks today!  Love her...

They must have some big bugs!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Afghan needs rescue...Her Mommy died.

"Hello my friends

I am contacting you to see if you might be able to help with this situation.  I have been approached, because they saw my afghan, by a young couple.  Her mother died recently.  She is caring for her mother's afghan hound, but cannot keep her.  She has given me pictures of Angel which I will scan when I get to work tomorrow.  From their description, I believe this dog is from Gina's puppy mill that was dealt with this past winter.  The dog is intact, supposedly in good health with all shots.
Here is what the daughter gave me.  From the pictures she looks well cared for and definitely a blue domino afghan.  The dog is safe and although they can't keep her they want to make sure she goes to a good home, so Angel is safe for now.

Hi  My name is Angel and my mommie died recently.  I need a good home now. I was born in early 2004 and I have lived with 6 other dogs my whole life.  I am good with other animals and I am shy around people I don't know.  I am sweet and loving and love to lay on the sofa and watch animal planet.  I love to go walking, prancing is fun!!!  I am a girl who is not fixed but never had a litter.  I have no papers.  The lady my mommie saved me from was running a bad place and mommie saved me but she could never get papers on me.  You can contact my mommie's other daughter Jerrel Oster 504 818 0539.  She would love to keep me but she has a house full of puppies already. 
A family member is a long haul trucker and would be willing to transport if needed."  

Any thoughts?

I am going to try to get some photographs to post.  Please share with anyone that you know that does Afghan rescue.  


I think he wants to kiss eat the lizard


This tree grew around this iron post...

Our little escape artists...

It is funny when you leave the house with them all tucked in and come back and at least one is hanging someone in the house!

I got a chicken...

Take that Garden District Association!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you 10 years ago?

I got a few emails today asking about my 9.11 story so I decided to answer this way...  

As some of you know, at that time I was working as a Franchise Area Director for Wendy's International and was responsible for parts of Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, and the vast majority of Louisiana.  Our Regional office was in Atlanta, Georgia but or Corporate office was in Columbus, Ohio.  I was in the air about four legs a week and at least two times a month.

On 9.11, I was helping to facilitate a Crisis Management Workshop for some of our franchise community.  At the time, this particular workshop took the Owners and Operators from the moment a crisis happens (robbery, food born illness scare, etc.)  to the recovery process thereafter with a huge emphasis on being interviewed with the media.  (By the way - when I say I have a job in "Corporate America", this is they type of thing that I still do)

I had gone to the conference room early to make sure that all of our equipment, etc. was ready to go and had not been able to pay attention to the mornings news.  

I was sitting next to my Vice President and started reading the news on my Palm Pilot and sliding the card over to him.  I still have the card...  

The note (below)...

  • all air travel on hold in US
  • plane hit world trade center
  • Boston/LA jet highjacked
  • Pentagon now hit not sure if it airplane or bomb
  • I am scared MM. Lets break.

We took a break and the hotel brought us a television.  We were all riveted and in that moment it brought all of us closer... so much so, I emailed each of them today. Needless to say we concluded the Workshop and as our Franchise Partners started to leave I packed my car and drove home with my Vice President.  We were so lucky to have driven.  

Ten years ago my company was very different... I created the company because I needed someone to take care of Remy and could not find what I was looking for so I created it.  I was not insured at the time an had no idea what I was really doing.  I also had very few clients... most of them friends and friends of friends.  9.11 changed one thing for sure... 

I only had one New Orleans Pet Care client working in New York that day and for eight days we heard nothing.  On the ninth day we heard she died in in a hospital after attempting to escape the World Trade Center.  I know I say this all of the time (especially to all of you single parents) please make time to have a plan in place for your pets... you can't imagine how difficult it was to place sweet darling C (a beautiful New Orleans rescue mutt!) without a written plan.  I think about her often and I hope we made the right decision when placing.  

9.11...Never forget. 

My favorite email today...

"As usual the babies are happy and healthy upon our return.  Thanks to you all, with a special thanks to Pamela!"



Thank goodness they got a vacation home!