Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gigi's Pool

Gigi and Buzi love going swimming! These girls could go all day long. Buzi has the green toy and Gigi has the tennis ball. I can't wait till it warms up so I can join the girls in the pool.

Max's Vacation

This week I have the pleasure of having Max come stay with me. Max is such a fun cute little boy. He and Gigi wrestle and play even though Gigi wins all the time, Max never gives up. This afternoon we had Buzi (Sawyer's lab) come over and we all went to the lake for a walk. Brad no need to come home I will adopt Max for good!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Thunder + Sundance = Sawyer in the tub with Sundance. Haley... could not care less and would never stay still long enough for a photograph when Sawyer arrives!

That baby we were talking about...How cute is that?

"Honestly made me tear up...........she is a lot of work, but soooo worth it. I am so thankful that Monica told me about you and that I have you guys helping me take care of her while I am gone, train her, raise her.......much more than I ever expected. Thank you again.

I have enclosed pics of her first mudhole from last weekend."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So today...

We were talking about babies. You know, "babies"... our little pups. We were thrilled today when one of our new little black lab babies did not have an accident while mom was gone. We exchange text(s) with her mom about her #1 & #2 almost everyday. And we are thrilled when mom gets home to find no accients! We realize she is still a baby but we want it more than she does and mom is right with us...

It is wonderful. Wonderful to have a baby... SO MUCH WORK!

She reminds us of all of our little babies that are growing up. I am so greatful that you all give us the opportunity to be part of your babies lives. Silly...? We don't think so...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scarlet, jumping through hoops!

Scarlet is almost 11 years old, so she doesn't do much agility anymore. She is my heart, and she taught me how to train dogs. This photo was taken last November at a NADAC trial in Gulfport, MS. As you can see, she still loves to run and jump and play!

Marcia & Jewel - Baton Rouge, March 2008

Marcia & Jewel playing Snooker, a FUN agility game!

Marcia & Chloe - Baton Rouge, March 2008

The Norwich love to run agility! This is Chloe at a USDAA trial in Baton Rouge last month.

Our dear sweet little Pablo

We lost a dear sweet baby today... We loved this little man so very much. He had a wonderful life and a fantastic mom who loved him with all of her heart. He will be missed by ALL of us...

I hope that he has found Remy... and all of those that went before him... and that they are all in the sunshine eating everything we would have never allowed them to eat!

Give your babies a kiss for Pablo and his family today. Enjoy every moment... it goes by so fast.

Looking for a home...

One of our clients sent this to us yesterday... We can't attach the photograph that I have but I would be happy to email it to you if you are intrested.

Looking for a home...

His eyes are a beautiful blue. This Himalayan was caught in a trap, but he had been someone’s pet. He is a very sweet boy and gets along well with children and other cats. He has not been tested with dogs, but would probably do well if the dog is cat-friendly.

He has been neutered, had his rabies shot, and is negative for feline leukemia and FIV. He loves attention and follows me like a puppy. If you would like to give a great cat a great home, please call Deenie at 504-236-3389.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ms. Patty

"Right now Patty is watching the computer by standing on the bed behind me and throwing her weight on my back and shoulders. When it is her dinner time, she will not bark.. she sits and stares at the fridge. She knows which toys go in her box and which are in our bed. I never know what I will roll over. If I can't find her I know she is in the bathroom looking at the curtain: she has tossed one of her rubber toys in the tub. Every afternoon she takes a nap curled up in my lap. She loves the rope toys y'all gave her. I have a lot of Patty stories. I really should write them down since one day I would like to - write a book "Patty is a Hoot..."

WE CAN CONFIRM... PATTY IS A HOOT! And, we love her. We also think her mom is pretty special!

Freret Fest - Saturday, April 5, 2008

A few of our clients just sent a note about the Feret Fest this weekend. The client(s) went last year and said it was "pretty pet friendly"... Had some water stations and not "really loud". Here is the link

New to New Orleans...

We really miss some of our wonderful clients that have moved (and are moving) out of New Orleans in this post Katrina world...

And we are just thrilled that more (new clients) are moving into the city than out... we can't take the loss! It is very emotional for all of us.

What is really fun is telling new clients all about the great events that the city has (Dog Day Afternoon, etc.), enjoying outdoor meals on Magazine Street, exploring the French Quarter with their pups and how pet friendly this city really is.

Welcome to New Orleans... Misty & Stormy, Maisie & Mei-Ling, Maggie Jane... we are so glad you are back!

Monday, March 31, 2008

You people are truly distu..., I mean hilarious

Of course, Diamond Lupin had to make his appearance on the blog.....he wouldn't have it any other way.....sends wet nose nudges to all his doggy sitters and wants Remy's mom to know that they are hangin out together just fine. As you can see he is still dressing as Stanley.......and was seen recently at the Tennessee Williams Festival barking "Stella" so I heard....Can't believe he's still smokin those camels.......he never would listen to what the vet recommended..ha


For all of the emails about the blog... Have a fantastic day! I got a email today from a client...

"R (the lab) sends her love from the Bahamas. She is having so much fun!"

What a life...

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Reading your email about the New Orleans Pet Care Blog reminded Tigger that I had still not sent you a photo of him., so I have attached one to this message.

Also, he wanted to let you know that he is so happy that he has you all to look after him while his "humans" go out of town. Tigger is also counting down the days til next weekend, when you will back again to play with him!


The big brown one on top of Buzi!


Summer cut! We (OK... Brad) seriously wondered if she had company!

My dog-obsessed life :)

Meet my family...Buzi, my 3 year old black lab is not only the love of my life, she is my alarm clock, my inspiration for running, the reason I am covered in mud 99.9% of the time, my travel companion, and my confidant. Dil is my 1.5 year old ball of fury...he is absolutely nuts, frequently vindictive, often found causing trouble or picking on his big sister who he loves more than me! On rare occasion he likes to sit on my shoulders while I study, he loves to be burped like a baby, and he loves, loves, LOVES to sit next to Buzi and beg for food while I eat dinner. They are both spoiled rotten and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Have you ever heard the expression "fighting like cats and dogs"? Welcome to my home:

Working for New Orleans Pet Care maintains my sanity. It forces me to leave my office, take a break from studying, and forget about analyzing data, teaching, grading, and everything else that comes with doctoral studies. However, I would NEVER be able to do it without the help of my four-legged family! Buzi and Dil take care of entertaining the puppies who come spent the night at my between runs and yard time and trips to audubon park, Buzi and Dil do the entertaining, and occasionally, the disciplining :)
Lola really just wants Buzi to get up and play!

Ralphie and Buzi love to cuddle in my bed!

"Queenie, there just isn't room in the chair for all of us!" -Dil

And last but not of my favorites...Baby Gunner:

Gunner came into my life when his mom and dad were kind enough to send him to my house for an extended stay when he was very little. Buzi taught him to swim, Dil taught him to chase cats :) His jumping in the toy box days are over and he is a teenager now, but he still loves to come play!

I will close my first posting by thanking everyone who sends their babies to my house...they do a great job of wearing out my wild children!! And I love the extra puppy love I get from each and every one of them!

-Sawyer, Buzi and Dillard

A day in the life...

"Nicole, I am cutting him out" - Sawyer

"They are too funny! Sherlock is always a comedy routine. I have sent the picture to all of my family and friends. They get sucha kick out of Sherlock shenanigans! ..." His mommy