Saturday, December 10, 2011

TO: XuXu

Firstly, thank you so much for your feedback.  I don't often get feedback from young men your age.  I think it is very impressive that a three year old knows how to navigate the blog.  I understand from your Aunt, that you think we need more videos on the the blog and I am going to make sure that we do that for you. Please continue to visit our site often and thank you again for your feedback.  If you ever have something you want me to post, make sure you email us.  

Thanks again,
Nicole Douget
Head Dog Walker and Kitty Cuddler

Hi Mom!

Although we love you.... we love Pamela too! 

Holiday Home Tour - Garden District

Anyone doing the Holiday Home Tour in the Garden District today?  Text me if so...  And when you go to 3120 Prytania Street... stop by.  I am across the street.  The house with the chicken in the Santa Suit! I will never get asked to be on the tour!



Friday, December 9, 2011

Heads up Team & Neighbors

From Garden District Association...

Filming Notification
12.13.11 @ Tracy's Bar from 6am - 8pm
2604 Magazine Street

Parking restrictions from Monday 12.12 @ 8am - 12.13 @ 11pm
~2500 - 2600 blocks of Magazine Street (River Side)
~1000 Block of 3rd Street (both sides).


Translation - Magazine Street will be a hot mess around Tracy's!

Why you must pick up dog poop!

Staying warm!

awww... cuddles

PAWS to celebrate new interactive outdoor cat habitat - The Plaquemines Gazette


PAWS to celebrate new interactive outdoor cat habitat - The Plaquemines Gazette:

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A message from Santapaws

I am not going to eat it! Swear.

Note - the baby gate! 
No - I did not see booty shorts girl but I did see someone wearing Olivia Newton John pink leg warmers.  I want some.

Poor kitty cat...

Pamela thinks that is cute...  I don't think kitty does! 

I had a feeling he was a Saints fan!


I almost passed out when I saw it.  I think it was still alive... it was gone on lap 2!

Great event to help support GCDR & LASPCA

Beagle Freedom Project - Second Rescue - June 8, 2011 - YouTube

Perhaps you have seen the first rescue or even the second but I still love to watch this amazing rescue. Thanks Pamela for sending me this one!

Beagle Freedom Project - Second Rescue - June 8, 2011 - YouTube:

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I almost forgot...

Quick update on booty shorts...  she had the same outfit on today but she wore a hat.  It is amazing how many people are on the same schedule/routine.  I often wonder if they critique me...  Today my husband told me that my sweat pants would be something you would see the Mother from Little People Big World wear.  Can I help that I am 4'11"?   I would rather booty shorts too.  Perhaps tomorrow she will have ear muffs.

Green Beans

My babies get one can of green beans for supper every day.  Today Daddy decided he wanted green beans for supper.  He likes the cajun way of making them in the poilon (frying pan) with a little cochon (pig/bacon).

Henri and Isabelle have been laying in front of the stove while they have been cooking down.  They are on hour two ish.  Poor babies - I think - they think - they are getting some.


Did you see this post about the rescue organization in need of blankets? I delivered our first donation today thanks to two wonderful clients.  If you have any you would like to donate please let me know.  You can swing by 3101 Prytania Street (8th & Prytania ~ St. Charles side in the Garden District) or we can pick up if you are a regular mid.

Love, love, love

Quick easy way to make a donation...

Humane Society of Louisiana...

They let the kid go on it!

Dear Santa: We need more presents!

Walkin' Bradley!

How he got all three to look?

One of us wanted to stay inside!

You want us to go where?

Exercise?  In these conditions? 

Enjoying our vacation...

wink, wink!  

Sexy Max has tricks baby!

Remember spring?


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is this bad?

I saw a girl in the park this morning running in booty shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  She had a very nice body and I am sure she is very proud of herself.  Perhaps she is from Antarctica and this is actually warm for her but I hope she gets a wicked cold.  Is that bad?  

I am not from Antarctica... I am from New Orleans.  I had on one pair of socks, two pairs of pants, one long sleeve shirt, one thick sweat shirt, gloves and a scarf and I was freezing.  Watch - she will be fine and I will (as the old folks say in NOLA) catch my death!  

More like it....

Rare moment...

Standing still...  

We have a crush on Brad...

Walkin' Pamela

Best clients ever!

I would have totally gobbled every one of them down!  

Sweet baby boy...

This is his incentive to walk...  It is a boiled potato.  He is allergic to EVERYTHING else.  Imagine Pamela walking down the street with this in her hand!  So funny.

Not happy.

44° F
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

Mornin' New Orleans!


Who did that?

Trying to traumatize the children! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I would really like to sleep Henri!


Does anyone have any old blankets?  One of our clients is collecting them to deliver to a rescue organization.  If you have any... please leave for us to pick up.  If we are not seeing you at this time, I can come pick up or you can drop off here.  Let me know!  We need to keep those babies warm!

How sweet is that face?!

Good walkin!


Text from Pamela - "Daddy and baby slug.  They love cat food. My pet slugs". 

What a huge heart she has...  she is bananas but we love her!

You want us to what?

Another good one Barb...

On a pink fence...?  I think it does loose a little punch.  

It did not take long Mommy!

Already in love with Pamela...  

No need to worry!

I gave him the umbrella! 

Barb is on fire today...

"is this safe?" text from Barb

I hate winter!

I miss these days...