Saturday, June 22, 2013

I am hiding but - I did not do it.

Mixed message?

Awwww - thanks so much.

Please thank Erin for putting M Thundershirt on her.  It really does help her.  I had intended to message about that when it started raining out where I was and had an interruption.  It is really nice that you all know my pets as well as I do and can anticipate there needs when I don't have the chance to communicate them. 

The whole NOLA Pet Care team is top notch led by a top notch leader and I can not fully express in words the comfort that gives me.

Loves when we come on Saturday too!

She is in Africa y'all!

Woman bakes dog biscuits to fund pet rescue efforts

My friend and client supports this organization and I am going to start doing so as well.  Such a great way to help support people who are doing the ri

Woman bakes dog biscuits to fund pet rescue efforts - 12 News KBMT and K-JAC. News, Weather and Sports for SE Texas

Trixxie the chiweenie is saved by Happy the rottweiler from a coyote

My best friend sent me this and I was just shocked...   AMAZING!

Trixxie the chiweenie is saved by Happy the rottweiler from a coyote:

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OHHHH - Playing at World Wide Headquarters...

Mommy is moving so Max is babysitting...

Max's new love interest... 

Watching the Tourists


Saturday School?

I was good... Isn't Saturday school for the bad kids?

Where are we going?

Facebook Feedback

We can't thank y'all enough for your kind words and concern.  Nothing scares me more than having my team and clients attacked and believe it or not, it happens a lot more than it should.  Only once this bad and thank goodness in this situation the client did not get hurt.  The last time it happened, I pushed it so far that it ended up before a Judge and he (owner of the dog that attacked) did some jail time for an open warrant.  I don't play.... AT ALL.  

You may not be able to read Barb's notes today. Bless Barb... when I tell you my Team will do anything to protect your babies... it is an understatement.

New Orleans Pet Care: Barb and a client - viciously attacked

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·          Oh no!!! That is one of my biggest fears when I walk my dogs. Barb is so brave! I am not sure what I would do with my three if that happened.
·         Wow! She's a hero-ine! You and your team are indeed awesome! I don't walk my dog around our neighborhood for this exact reason. I am always so scared a big dog will come out of nowhere!
·          Awe so sad!! Nicole you honestly have a wonderful team!! Sending Barb a hug from me and Tuffy!
·         Oh no!!! Sending hugs and prayers to Barb! What a brave thing she did- glad to know someone this loving and selfless watches over my baby. If she needs to take the day off please tell her Billie will be fine and sends tons of puppy hugs!
·          Cali and I wish Barb a speedy recovery and thank the NOLA petcare team for their amazing care. You guys ROCK!
·         Wow, what a story! Barb's a hero. Buzz and I were attacked once. It's so frightening and there should be repercussions
·          I hope Barb feels better real soon! I'm so sad over this.
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·          Thank you Barb for all you do for our babies
·         Unbelievable!! I'm so sorry this happened to Barb!
·          Owners like that should spend some time in the Bastille when this happens
·          What an incredibly brave thing Barb did. I'm so glad she was able to walk away without needing major surgery. Bless you all for everything you do!
·         Oh no! Get well soon Barb, and thank you for what you do!
·         That is awesome, albeit not unexpected, that Barb would do that. Nicholasand I wish her a speedy recovery!!!
·          Barb rocks! You have the most amazing staff Nicole! I know all of my clients love them!
·          I'm so glad Barb's injuries aren't worse. I am terrified of this very thing. We see many dogs off-leash in the Marigny  It's best to stay on "busier" streets like Esplanade. The side streets are always a concern.
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Nicole Douget Thanks so much y'all. She will be fine but it will require Ortho attention. It makes me SO MAD when people are so inconsiderate and careless. I posted more about the story on the blog. One more thing - I have Animal Control and Jeff Dorson on speed dial. If you know of someone who is not doing the right thing (letting dogs roam off leash, leaving outside in the heat unattended, etc) and you do not want to report it - we will gladly document it and take care of it for you so that you no not have to be involved. Again, thanks for your support... she said she was happy that she wore her Super Woman underwear that day!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hey Mom - Crazy vacation!

TV, snacks, water, sleeping, etc...  

Every Friday @ 5...

How cute!

The park makes me tired!

Play time!

Roll out Ms. Barb - I got your back!

Action shot!


You think the cats get that?

If you need these shoes...

Call me... Barb knows where they are. 

Email from a client...

"J wondered about the training Barb used, as a suggestion put those tips on a blog or website to share with all of us. We had no idea what to do if this happened."

I will do that later today.

One more thing..

I define "irresponsible pet owner" in this case and this context - If you know your dog may get out if you open the front door, perhaps it would be a good idea to have the dog confined to a section of the house that would not be accessible to the front door.  I know that no one wakes up and says - "I hope my dog attacks someone today".  We all have to be cautious and aware of our babies behaviors.  They do not wake up one day and become aggressive.  

Barb update...

I spoke to the owner of the dog who wants to do the right thing...  She sounds very sincere and I hope she is.  Crossed paws...

Barb and a client - viciously attacked

Last night she was walking a client of 8 years when all of the sudden a dog came of out a home and attacked both of them.  Barb put her entire body on top of our client and took the the wrath of this dog of the vicious dog.  Thank goodness the client is fine but was still very unsure about leaving the house even this morning.  Barb spent hours in the Emergency Clinic and was patched up and actually out working this morning however these injuries are going to require Orthopedic attention because she broke a finger.  

NOTHING makes me more angry than irresponsible pet owners.  NOTHING.  Thank goodness it was Barb and not a small child or a person not trained to respond the way our Team is trained.  

Our client posted a note on Facebook last night "This is not understandable but there are people, esp. on Mxxxxx Street* in New Orleans who are using their dog as a guard, which would be fine, but they leave the dog deserted day and night. I think it's a trend and I'm sorry I've missed it until now. Please keep you eyes out and do something - anything -"

*I will inform those of you in that neighborhood.

Barb was able to speak to the owner of the dog, get her address and a telephone number.  

Barb is up and at it and pressing on with her day.  You may not be able to read her notes but she is on a roll and taking care of our babies.  

Keep her and our sweet baby D in you thoughts.  

We are on vacation again!

We had a mad party at the pad last night...

Geaux slow Bradley


Thursday, June 20, 2013


How did that happen?

I was super good at school

I am sooo sick...

Come back okay...

Ms. Erin made me stop barking...

So I gave her my sad face.

Free Spay/Neuter for 70117

We are still offering FREE spay/neuter for dogs in 70117 zip code! Call 504-363-1333 for info and appointments.

And... she is off!


Hi Mommy!

It rained on us...

Dr. Daddy lets me play with Erin everyday...


Sweet baby B... cancer is hard.


I really want and need some chickens...

Mine: The Movie

My client Nicole reminded me about this heartbreaking film I posted about during the premier. If you have not seen it, it is worth every moment although very difficult to watch.  The events post K and the Federal Flood changed evacuating with your pets during a disaster but it was not soon enough for these people...  If the lady I was mean to and apologized to could see this - perhaps she would reconsider her position.

Mine: The Movie - Trailer:

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My flowers are blooming!



My Aunt sent me this note on Facebook and it is breaking my heart... 

Seventeen years ago, my Cousins David and Thomas got a little puppy and could not agree on a name for her.  One would suggest a girl name and the other would shoot it down because it was a girl that they did not mutually like.  The only name they could agree upon was "Nikki".  I was so honored.  This just breaks my heart...  

Gposted toNicole Douget
Nikki, we buried your little name sake this morning,can you believe she was seventeen years old.It is such a loss,I have cried for three days.She was the sweetest of all dogs and the reason she was named after you is even sweeter.I thought you would want to know.Love you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good use of clip art...

Sadness... RIP

My favorite mob guy.

Looking for something to do on Friday?

Friday night at the Joy TheaterIrvin MayfieldEllis Marsalis, Jr. & NOJO perform the music of Ellis Marsalis, Harold Battiste & James Black.

A fundraiser with the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts

Well - what did they expect?

Hi Mommy!

We are playing with Ms. Pamela!

My Physical Therapist

When she sees my name on the schedule.

Off to play school!

You make me happy!