Friday, January 15, 2016

This kid -

Animal cruelty arrest follows social media post about shooting dog


Playing with MMP

Hi! Its Jaiden again! Blogging and playing on a perfect Friday...

Camp Tink!

Nap Time...

and my shorty!


Hurry - I am starving!

Freaky Friday!


Perfect Carnival  weather! 


This is always so much fun!

Pre Wedding day photo!


Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hi! My name is Jaiden and I have taken over the blog! I prefer  blogging vs.  math! 

2 x 2 = I AM SO BORED
He does not (heart) this at all!

I wear all the hats and I LOVE IT!

Camp Tink!

Hims Daddy needs a LONG rest!

Yea - we get to keep our baby! 

Look at this sweet baby...

So pretty...

Our newest baby!

Morning nap time!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tangi Humane Society needs some help...

Tangi Humane Society added 4 new photos.
5 hrs
inue. We did not meet our budget for the first of the year and the calls have increased to about 15-20 a day, some we cannot take because of funding and room. Without our communities and supporters help, we will be forced to shut down. The work load on the few that we have at the shelter, and only 2 being able to run calls. There are so many more out there, living like this, and we are getting the calls for help, without just leaving these babies in the conditions they are in, their simply is no where for them to go. We have pit bulls that are healthy and ready to go, but no one is adopting, we do not have fosters and no rescues or other organizations that are helping. If we are to continue doing these cases, we need help and we need help now with funds, and rescue for these babies that deserve a loving and caring home. please share, please donate, please get involved and help us, this problem in our area is too big without a village to help. Please send donations, or mail to 46216 River Road, Hammond, la 70401. If you have time and can help with the daily care we always need kennel help and getting these sweet dogs back to healthy and ready for a loving home. They need attention, love and medical care daily.

We call him "Tiny"

His Mommy had this portrait made and I am telling you... it is just amazing. I know it is hard to capture it in a photo but trust me! If you are looking for one or what an amazing gift to give someone... Her email address is

Look who we get to play with all week!

She is in love with Max...

Sending love to my Mommy...

This is the best way to get around Uptown...

This Morning is like -

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Monday - Friday from 3:30p - 7:00p ish, I can be found in front of my computer doing homework (via Skype) with my Great Niece. I swear by all that is HOLY... if I had to do this Math I would still be in the 5th grade. I hide the calculator off screen. 

I have NO idea what she is doing but so far, between the two three of us, we are passing. 

Henri is hanging in front...

This noodle!


Clean and pretty

This head -

This -