Friday, August 19, 2011

If I make my sad face...

will you stay longer?

This made my day...

Thank you all so much for taking such wonderful care of R this summer! You have been so accommodating and it has been hugely helpful! It was so nice to know he was in such good hands, but I'm so glad to be back, hopefully for longer than 24 hours this time. And be sure to tell Pamela she can visit him whenever she wants, and I try to continue my out of town trips so she can see him often!

I just want you all to know how wonderful your service is and I will recommend you all to all my pet owner friends!

BOW WOW LUAU: Cocktail Party and Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction

Nothing to do tomorrow evening? How about this -

Saturday, August 20 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Eiffel Society
2040 St. Charles Avenue

Come join us for an island themed cocktail party to help animals in need this summer.

Singles can mix and mingle with animal-friendly gals and guys in our tropical paradise. You can even bid on a date at our BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE AUCTION!

Couples are invited to come out for a hot date with Honolulu flare. (Consider it the discount version of that romantic island getaway.)

$20 admission includes the first cocktail, appetizers, music, raffles and more. ($35 per couple.) Price includes entry to auction bidding.

Dress code: Casually cool with tropical flare. Bring out the Hawaiian shirts, flower garlands, surfer gear and grass skirts!! Wow the crowd with a cool 50s tiki lounge look. Strut your seventies stuff in Hawaii Five-0 gear. Use your imagination - just look to the islands for inspiration.

All proceeds will go to the Humane Society of Louisiana's programs to help abused, neglected and unwanted animals.

Please spread the word to your Facebook friends. BOW WOW!!

Not my watchful eye...

But an eye nonetheless!


Bogger has been giving me fits all day! I love when I start getting these type of emails:

Nicole et al. What is going on? Bored at work. Hanging on the blog today but very slow. Get to it and help me. Love you all but please.

Sending love to Mommy...

Time to start paying attention... UGH!

Did you hear about my brother?

Keep me in your thoughts as I will be the only child now!
I will miss pulling my little brother around the Bayou...


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

Got my #4 birthday walk on and I got a present...
I hope Mommy cooks me dinner (hint, hint)!

Keeping a watchful eye...

It was time to go...

Sweet baby B held on as long as he could... We loved this darling boy so much and we are so grateful that his Daddy shared his life with us.

B - I never considered that you trying to eat EVERYTHING you could find, made you a little piggy... I always thought you were just doing your part to keep Bayou St John clean!

Barb loved that you loved to roll over on your back and to enjoy the sun on the Bayou... just that you did it in the middle of your walk made it a bit difficult but what the heck - it was your walk after all. She also thought it was funny when you would would just drop down on the ground and let your sister drag you around. You were a kick in the pants little friend.

Keep a watchful eye on your Daddy and your sister because it is going to be hard without you. Find Remy to protect you... and rest darling boy. We loved you very much.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Weekend!

I am bringing Isabelle!

Lauren Sheposh, a very gifted pet communicator, will visit Belladoggie for our Grand Opening Extravaganza this weekend!

Have you ever wanted to know what your pet is thinking? Have you ever wanted an explanation for his or her peculiar behavior? Lauren can help! Some refer to her as a psychic, medium, or just intuitive. To say she is clairvoyant is an understatement.

Her abilities enable pet owners to understand their pet's behavioral issues, likes and dislikes, needs and imblances. She can also provide guidance through periods of transition. Her skills have also proven invaluable in rescue cases. Many people are trained formally in reading a dog; however, Lauren's abilities are truly an innate and prevalent gift.

Lauren is a "resident visitor" to Nola and will be conducting readings at our Grand Opening Celebration this weekend!

Love it!


Pick it up lady... I got things to doo!

Doodles gets to take Barb to City Bark...

I envy them both!

Hi Mommy!

We needed this vacation...
Pamela loves us!

Oprah - Don't judge me!

Last night I watched the final episode of the Behind the Scenes show. I really enjoyed that series. She said something about her Oprah show that really resonated with me. I know it may sound silly but I feel the same way. She said...

"This (her show) has been the great love of my life".

Y'all - that is how I feel about New Orleans Pet Care!

Hot! Hot!

Dogs Tethered To Pole Die In Maringny Heat - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Sad start to my day...

Dogs Tethered To Pole Die In Maringny Heat - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you watch Hoarders?

My client HR just sent me a note...

Tomorrow's show is about 50+ pups and kits rescued from a home......2 local women assisted. Michelle Ingram from Zeus Place and Kim Dudek from BellaDonna/BellDoggie/Dags House.


Facebook post...Made my afternoon!

Thanks so much KM!

Should you ever need to leave town without your pets, please know that they are in great hands with NOLAPetCare! I came back to two happier cats that I left. NPC thinks of everything and takes wonderful care. I'm so serious.

NOPD: Fake SPCA officer extorts woman, 90, with threats of taking her cats » Uptown Messenger

Did y'all see this?

NOPD: Fake SPCA officer extorts woman, 90, with threats of taking her cats » Uptown Messenger

Franklin Vanishes; New Tropical Depression Forms - New Orleans Weather News Story - WDSU New Orleans

See you Franklin! Lookin good y'all... cross your paws it keeps going this way.

Franklin Vanishes; New Tropical Depression Forms - New Orleans Weather News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Pacifica dog mauling…what really happened? - National American Pit Bull |

I have been following this story and it just keeps getting more and more interesting. It is a really sad situation...

Pacifica dog mauling…what really happened? - National American Pit Bull |

Barb's baby Tink...

Spent the evening as our house guest last night... here she is keeping a watchful eye on Prytania Street from the second floor guest room. She was a real doll and she and the babies played so hard!

Purrrrfect day...

One of these things is not like the others!
That helmet ROCKS!