Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ahhhh! Play time...

Charlie would rather cuddles Bradley while the wild child plays ball! We think she may have a touch of OCBD (Ball Disorder). She is funny!

He is cute... I don't care who you are!

I am so in love with this Boxer/Black Something or another mix... How can you not love this dog? This is his "new" sister. She was found on the highway in Baton Rouge and learning her manners... We are working on sit! All well mom & dad... Marci may never leave!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Raison d'être...

On a beautiful Sunday morning on July 9, 1995, my ex-husband and I traveled down the River Road on the West Bank of the Mississippi River to a home in Westwego to “see” litter #SN248575/04. I held the Times Picayune classified advertisement all the way there and reviewed the questions that I had written down for the breeder, Mr. Ransdell.

Okay… before I get hate mail: I had no idea… Those that know me know that I would have adopted from Labs4Rescue. Education is important and that is why we all must educate!

As we stood in the yard, overwhelmed with the energy of the entire little pack of Labrador Retrievers running about, we fell in love with the little black one that would not stop pulling at our shoestrings.

We handed over the $150.00 and never asked a single question… I held him all the way home… Remy was mine and I had taken a week off to make sure that we both settled in well. I had read every puppy book I could find, three books on crate training (I still have them!) picked my Veterinarian and we decided on our house rules.

We arrived back home and introduced him to his toys, bowls and crate and within the first thirty minutes we had broken HOUSE RULE #1. I really wanted him to sit with me on the sofa. My life would never be the same.

Two weeks later, my little bother, Derek returned from Israel. He had no idea that we had a new member of the family… A few weeks after he was home, I heard him calling Remy “Sir Remy” and I asked him why. His answer still makes me laugh… He thought his name was “Sir Remy” because I was always saying (at by that I mean yelling), “NO SIR - Remy”.

Remy and I always celebrated on July 9th… his adoption day. Perhaps adoption days are more important to those of us that are actually adopted.

Okay… back to Derek. In 2002, Derek released his first Solo CD entitled Perpetual Motion. The #2 track is a song entitled “Sir Remy”. For the last month, Derek has been working on redesigning his web site and to my surprise; he included a live version (recorded at Sung Harbor) of Sir Remy on his “listen” page. I will admit it… it was a cry out loud moment for me. I hope you have a minute to listen to it… He is an amazing musician a wonderful little brother and one of my best friends.

Today I am celebrating what would have been our 13th year together. I miss him every minute of the day and I would give anything to be yelling “No… Sir Remy”.

I love you Remy… my “Raison d'être...” – (French for… “reason for being)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Assistant to the Assistant today...

NOTE THE PRINTER... She wants to sit on our lap and help! She is the Assistant to the Assistant today.

Really Brad...

I can go out here if I want to... Open it, open it, open it!! Have fun in Houston dad... We got this. Next travel dates please...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our new baby... Sampson!

We will be fighting over who gets you real soon! Tell mommy that daddy needs to go!

What? It is my job!

It is his personal mission to mark everything in the neighborhood! I love that he looks back to make sure you know it is okay to continue walk!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Don't worry...

The text... "Who is cuter?"

We have to give equal cuddles and love! She leaves on holiday soon. I think she might need it...

Sending love from New Orleans to Paris...

We miss you mommy! And by that we mean... Jessica is pretty cool. She lets us all cuddles in bed at night.

Princess A & Baby O

We love A but we are pretty sure she is Bipolar and Baby O LOVES making her crazy!