Friday, March 9, 2012

2nd time...

Someone attempted to steal Chicken last PM. Broke his leg... If I ever catch um!!

Look what Bradley found!

what I saw while walking kidding...a LIVE crawfish just chillin on the sidewalk!!!!

I love Spring too Barb....

I don't even mind a little rain!  


I can't stop eating these...  


for Carnival left overs!

Bradley will do you in...

Yes Mommy - he does wear me out! 

That is a NO NO

A dog that wants to walk themselves is TROUBLE!
And by that I mean - needs a lot of Elizabeth (best Trainer in the WORLD)

Bradley loves this little girl!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturday 3.17.12

Heads up neighbors, clients and team!

Dear Neighbors:  

Just a reminder:  The St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held next Saturday on March 17, St. Patricks Day.   It will begin at 1 pm as usual and last til approximately 5 pm.  The route will remain the same beginning near St. Mary and Magazine, turn on Jackson to St. Charles to Louisiana , to Magazine and back to Jackson Avenue.  As before, ingress and egress points for the neighborhood will be at Washington  Avenue both at St. Charles and Magazine.  These intersections will be monitored by rank officers with the NOPD.  Because vehicles will not be able to cross the route unless the officer can safely help you do so during a break in the parade, please plan ahead and allow extra travel time.   

Also, please note that since the parade is actually occurring on the official St. Patrick's Day, it is likely that crowds along Magazine Street will be larger than normal because of the St. Patrick's Day parties in the area. 

The GDSD patrol will be on duty as always around the clock.  Please do not hesitate to contact them if needed.  899-4373

For your safety and the safety of others, please do not drink and drive. 

Can anyone help 3.10.12?

4801 General Degaulle Drive, New OrleansLA (map)
Dear Friends and Volunteers,

We could use your help with two separate animal rescue missions within the next few days.  First, we need a team of volunteers to help us capture an injured pelican who apparently is suffering from a broken wing.  The bird was recently spotted at the Lakewood Golf Club in Algiers.  This team of volunteers will be led by Katrina Perkowska, a seasoned rescuer and local bird expert.  If you can interested in helping, please contact Katrina by calling [masked].
A second group of volunteers is needed to round up several hens and roosters from a residence on N. Rampart.  A wonderful elderly resident has been caring for her pet chickens for many years, but a few days ago five were found tortured and mutilated, we suspect by a neighbor who earlier complained of their noise.  Katrina Perkowska, one of our humane investigators, documented the horrific evidence, and we are preparing our report for both NOPD and the District Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.
In the meantime, the remaining chickens at this residence are at risk and need to be caught and safely removed.  We need 3-4 additional people to help with this life-saving round-up operation over the next few days.
If you can spare a few hours over the next few days, please call Katrina at [masked].



I love this so much...

Our wonderful client had this beautiful paw print made after she lost her darling baby girl.  I love this so much.  What a beautiful way to keep your baby close.

Barb reminded me...

Remember the fish?

Can we stay inside?

Lets play toys please Ms. Erin!


Why me?  
This is just the questionnaire but I bet I get to go...  


I saw what looked like a Water Moccasin at Audubon Park.  I would have taken a photograph but I was busy having a heart attack.  It dashed into the water... freaked me out!  

Next Class - 4.14.12

If you have not done this before, it is really worth the time!

Humane Education - Pet First Aid/CPR Classes - The Louisiana SPCA:

'via Blog this'

I asked Pamela for a photograph...

Note to self:  be more specific  
I do admit - that is funny!

Pushing his luck...

Mommy is not letting him on the furniture at home and he thinks we are going to let him slide here!  Silly goose.

Good morning blog readers!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He is back for the evening...

Reminds me so much of Isabelle.  Something else...

More belly meds...

My poor Henri.  I am sure he had some great things off of the ground during Carnival.

Need volunteers!

I received this from a wonderful client today...  Can you help?

Can you please post a request for volunteers on your blog? 

The Palm Sunday Rabies Drive provides low-cost rabies vaccinations as a community service (NOT a fund-raiser). The shots are administered by veterinarians. Volunteers are needed to assist with paperwork, taking money, issuing tags, and doing a little crowd control (e.g. directing the pit bull and Chihuahua owners to different patches of shade :-)) We'll take volunteers for the whole day or for any part of the day. I am the supervisor at Engine 1, and I promise to try and make it as fun and well organized as possible.

When: Sunday, April 1, 11:30am-5:30pm includes set-up/breakdown)

Engine 1 at 2920 Magazine St.
Engine 4 at 6900 Downman Rd. (especially need Spanish speaking vols.)
Engine 12 at 5600 Franklin Ave.
Engine 17 at 4115 Woodland Dr.
Engine 24 at 1040 Poland Ave.
Engine 25 at 2430 South Carrollton Ave.
Engine 27 at 2118 Elysian Fields Ave.
Engine 35 at 964 N. Carrollton Ave.
Engine 36 at 5403 Read Blvd. (especially need Spanish speaking vols.)
Louisiana SPCA Shelter, 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd.

What: Assist with Orleans Parish Palm Sunday Rabies Vaccination Drive at fire stations.

Who: 8-10 people per location-can be anyone, not just official LA/SPCA volunteers-so please share this request with anyone you can, we need TONS of people.

Contact: Lori Haeuser at<>

This made my day...

I am so grateful to Nicole and Pamela at New Orleans Pet Care! They have taken such good care of my cat, Howard, when I have to travel. Once, when a missed flight connection meant I wouldn't be able to get home until a day later, they arranged to check in on Howard, even though it was last minute and after-hours. I highly recommend and trust their petsitting services!

Big thank you to Howard's Mommy!  

Sexy is happy!


Big boy

Most beautiful...

Girl on the Bayou!

Walkin&apos; Bradley

We love Mommy...

And Pamela!


Good one Barb!

Here we go again...

Poor Henri!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank you Pamela & Hubby

This poor darling's Mommy was stuck on a plane all day and just phoned in a panic about two canceled flights. The baby needs medication and food.  Not a problem... Pamela and her Husband dropped everything and headed over.  That's how we roll!  

Pamela's cats are into reading...

Must have completed a chapter!

Look who is back!

Johnny Handful! 
I love him...  


I got a frantic telephone call for a Garden District client who has a neighbor in town with two dogs that got out of the home they are staying in.  We put the word out and about an hour later I walked past a neighbor who found the two dogs and had them in her yard.  I love being the go to person in the neighborhood for lost dogs!


Hi Nicole,

Did you know Louisiana has one of the highest incidents of dogs with heartworm in the U.S. (more than double the national average)? That’s why we’re partnering with the New Orleans Saints and The Louisiana SPCA to launch PetTrust Plus – the first (and only) generic heartworm preventative to be sold at retail pharmacies nationwide (and at about half the cost of the leading name brand).

PetTrust Plus is establishing a “Pet Trust” of $5,000 for the LA SPCA to provide care for local animals, as well as providing the next 500 dogs adopted with a six-month supply of the medication. We’re hosting a local celebration at the LA SPCA this Friday, March 9 with Saints running back (and pet lover) Mark Ingramalongside celebrity pet expert Harrison ForbesWe’ll have adoptable dogs on-site, as well as vets from the LA SPCA to answer health-related questions from attending pet owners.

Are you interested in covering the event? We can provide interviews with New Orleans Saints Mark Ingram, celebrity pet expert Harrison Forbes and vets at the LA SPCA.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Michael Zerman
(314) 552-6787

Our lady...

Please help find this darling baby!

3.6.12 @ 9:15 - Home safe...

PLEASE CALL 504.267.0442

·      Littlebit has been missing since Sunday, March 4th
·      Last seen on Magazine St. and Audubon St. near the park
·      Weighs ~12 pounds
·      Her chip # is: 072*365*346
·      She is timid around those she does not know
·      She is missing her collar you see in picture above

I asked Pamela for a photo...

This is what she sent! She kills me!

Beautiful day!


The little baby got up at 1:30am to go potty.  We came up and he went back to sleep immediately.  I was up until 4:00ish am.  Nice.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Guess who is back!

Cute but - what a handful!  
At least he is learning and is oh so smart...


Work place!

City Tweaks Traffic Camera Ticket Rules | NOLA DEFENDER

Great - I guess I will be getting more...

City Tweaks Traffic Camera Ticket Rules | NOLA DEFENDER:

"Here's the spots where there will be new traffic cameras installed:

  • Eastbound Camp Street at International School of Louisiana
  • Eastbound and westbound Dwyer Road at Miller McCoy Academy
  • Eastbound and westbound Freret Street at former Audubon Primary Academy
  • Eastbound and westbound Hammond Street at Resurrection of Our Lord School
  • Northbound and southbound Jackson Avenue at Sci Tech Academy'
  • Westbound Annunciation Street and Second Street at Clay Square Park
  • Northbound and southbound Pace Boulevard at Murray Henderson Elementary
  • Northbound and southbound Press Drive at Coghill Elementary
  • Eastbound and westbound Opelousas Avenue near Holy Name of Mary School
  • Northbound and southbound Carrollton Avenue at Kipp Believe School
  • Eastbound and westbound Prytania Street at Louise McGehee School

On the Jackson Ave. front, the speed limit on that strip will be raised to 35 mph."

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My Mommy...

May be leaving you a note at some point this week.
More on her later...
Now back to me!  
Cute - YUP

Photo of the other new baby...

They grow so fast.

Kicking it!

Our other new baby...


Ms. Priss

Good morning Mommy!

Heads up y'all!

Subject: Coyote spotting this morning
Please be advised that a coyote was spotted this morning at Marconi/Tad Gormley by Central Park Place.  They are still in the area and please be cautious with keeping your pets outside and with pet food available.
Also, the packs of dogs have returned and spotted recently in different areas in the neighborhood.