Saturday, July 6, 2013

Loves pink!

She is back!

Let me in!

Our sweet little service gurrrllll...

Nom Nom Nom


If you are considering it... Call me - I will save you the money! 

Yes, we do that too!

Come back okay...

These were from yesterday Mommy!

Giving Pamela love...

25 Better Reasons To Move To New Orleans

You will love it here!

25 Better Reasons To Move To New Orleans


Watching the bunny...

She just wants one!

Friday, July 5, 2013


I am sure that no one really cares but - the office (and by that I mean the kitchen) is FINISHED!  Now I am dreaming of a sunroom...  :)   

I love it!


Come back soon.... - Erin (Not y'all!)

We walked Megan!

One of "likes" her the other LOVES her! 

This face is -

Please come back to me soon... 

One word - Monster

It was closed yesterday.  
Glad it is Pamela and not me! 

The Bond Between A Marine And His Dog


The Bond Between A Marine And His Dog - Business Insider:

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I am on vacation!

Megan's baby...

Had to escape the madness! 

I am the happy one!

Pamela is...

no Elizabeth... 

This looks like great fun - if you are not the poor cat!

Our newest baby... in the routine!

This scared Megan...

I want one for my yard! 

Sending loves and cuddles...

Good morning NOLA!

I am under here...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chloe, Jewel and Charm's Mommy...

FRANK Marcia Gail Frank, born October 6, 1953 in Hartford, CT, passed away peacefully at home in Metairie, LA on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 after a brave battle with kidney cancer. Marcia earned a BA of Science degree in education from the University of Massachusetts. She worked for Lockheed Martin during the shuttle program as a computer systems designer in human resources. For the last 17 years Marcia worked for Capital One Bank as a systems analyst for their university bank learning department. Marcia was an active member of Swamp Dog Agility Club of New Orleans, and enjoyed competing with her dogs. She also enjoyed butterfly gardening. Marcia is survived by her mother, Phyllis Frank, her brother, Dana Frank, her aunt, Rita Hyman, and many loving cousins. She also leaves behind her dogs, Chloe, Jewel, and Charm. She was preceded in death by her father, Newton Frank, her sister, Debra Frank, and her dogs, Gracie and Scarlet. Marcia touched many people's lives none of whom will ever forget her love. She will be greatly missed. The family would like to express special thanks to her wonderful friends, Carrie, Madeline and Tom, Patti and Jim, Gayle, Virginia, Donna, and Diane. A service will be held at Temple Beth Hillel at a later date. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Temple Beth Hillel, 20 Baker Lane, South Windsor, CT, 06074 or the American Cancer Society . To view and sign the guest book,

In memory...

I just found out that one of our wonderful clients passed away yesterday.  She became a client post K and was a wonderful Mommy who refused to travel unless Bradley could stay with her girls... if he could not she would fly in a friend to do so or simply not go. She made sure we saw them five days a week mid day. She even built a sunroom and put a doggie door so they could go out to the room and enjoy the sun when they wanted to.   She loved them so much.  She never missed any of our events so some of you may know her from those.  She was very active in the agility community and competitions and I can't even guess the number of awards that she and her babies took home. She told me she was sick when she found out.  We talked about how scared she was to leave them... It broke my heart.  She was way to young to go and I know she is watching down on her little girls and her Mother and her pain is gone now.  She touched my heart and I am proud to have known her and honored that she trusted us with her beautiful little girls. 

I dedicate the rest of our day to you and our little girls...  

Just thinking should be working...

For me the 4th of July is full of many firsts...

One 4th - I drank my first draft beer and the reason that is significant is that was the last time I drank draft beer. That same year I met two puppies - brother and sister (named Diesel and Flower) named by a little girl and I thought those names where magical and I was so happy that her parents did not make her change them or discourage those.  It was also when I decided I wanted brother and sister babies.  I also remember that 4th because I got to lay on the grass and actually see stars... you know when you live here that can be impossible - especially when you don't have grass and in the city, it is never really dark. That was also the year I learned that grown men ignore "do not shoot these at people" type warnings.  It was a BLAST - no pun intended.

I moved into 3101 Prytania the week/weekend of July 4th.

The 4th of July was my first big holiday after opening NOLAPC.  The company was so small that my Team schedules were written on post-it-notes.  This week of the 4th my staff schedules average 5/6 pages a day.  I would have never dreamed.

This 4th, my kitchen is almost finished and I will be moving things back in.

Next 4th?  Hummmm  Can't wait to find out.

We love it when it is this way!

See Mommy!


Happy 4th of July y'all!

Police Officer Gets Huge Surprise After Rescuing Dog Trapped in Fence Wire

I love it!

Police Officer Gets Huge Surprise After Rescuing Dog Trapped in Fence Wire [VIDEO]:

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

After dinner walkin in the CBD

The Horse and Dog That Run Together Play Together

I want a horse on a farm with my babies...  Farm dreams.

The Horse and Dog That Run Together Play Together:

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Are Human Vitamins Safe for Dogs? | Shop i Love Dogs

Good quick read...

Are Human Vitamins Safe for Dogs? | Shop i Love Dogs:

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This is not that serious -

Take it off - I will not tell! 

Happy, Happy, Happy!

No really - express yourself.

Need a sofa?

You can't see the superior quality but this one is on St. Charles Avenue near Fresh Market.  It is black.  They positioned it facing the park so if you want to just go and relax I am sure it is super comfortable and clean.  

Will you come back?

Love you Mommy & Daddy

Let the games begin!

Camp Tink is open for bidness!

Hurricane Season

This time of the year we always reinforce our Hurricane Policy and ask Parents to have a bag ready to grab if we need to head out.  This smart Mommy put bottled water too.  I love it!  Thank you SB.

He can't stand someone in the kitchen...

Not because we have strangers in the house... no - he wants to eat again.

Good morning NOLA!

Seeing Eye Cat Helps His Owner Adjust to Being Blind

Sweet story to start your day...

Seeing Eye Cat Helps His Owner Adjust to Being Blind

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Top 5 drunks passed out in street for 7/1:

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Y@ Speak: expectations

Y@ Speak: expectations:
Tweets from the week of June 24 to June 30.

The first one cracks me up.  One day a lady was passed out on 8th & Prytania and my neighbor made her a jelly sandwich and we rotated checking on her until she was awake.  It took us almost an hour...  poor darling.  It was Superior Gill that got her!  You gotta watch those margaritas honey.

One more day...

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  
I am going to get my office back! 


Darling little girl wears herself out @ CCV... she can't make it home awake!

Sidewalk fish!

This cat cracks me up!