Saturday, January 11, 2020

Isabelle Jane

Our sweet little girl is really struggling. We weighed her on Thursday and thankfully she had not lost anymore but her legs are so weak. She is hoarse when she barks and coughs after she drinks water.  Thursday is her curve and I am so anxious to have that behind us. Henri is going to stay with her for support. 

Thanks for all the texts and emails about her. They mean a lot. 

Hi Mom

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Love you Mom

Little Belle Belle

Today has been a real challenge but thankfully I was able to speak to one of our Vets at Riverlands and she gave me some direction and calmed my nerves. In the past few days, Isabelle has been very weak in her hind area. Today she almost fell out of the car and when she was yelling at tourists in the Garden District, her hind legs gave out and she fell and could not get them under her again. She had some Gabapentin and is resting. My sweet girl.

Today has been rough for another reason too. This is the most wonderful job in the world but when we have sick babies, it is so hard on everyone. Sending big love to our baby Otis. 

Hi stranger