Saturday, August 23, 2014

Max is not feeling the football party!

But it is so hot...

Cuddles with Pamela...

We are ready to see you Mom!

A finger monkey?

Someone just phoned to see if we could take care of a finger monkey starting today.  

This is a finger monkey - 

Ummmmm - No.

What is going on today?

Things I saw while walking the babies this morning...

It must have been one heck of  a night  @ Washington & Prytania!  

Game day!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Erin wants to bring back the fanny pack too...

We may start fanny pack Friday!

It is that time of the year!


Time out for this - "No white flags" moment...

Former NFL player Steve Gleason on the Ice Bucket Challenge | Nicole Brodeur | The Seattle Times

Where is the Lab in this Doodle?

Dog pride!

Lost dog - Lakeview... text from client! THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA! FOUND!

My friends, Olivia and Nick lost their dog Fritz last night. They live on Conrad in Lakview. Here us a pic of Fritz, he doesn't have a collar on. If you see a little white dog roaming around please let me know and feel free to forward to other Lakeview friends. They are very worried! Thank you :)

Plausable deniability*...

Did anyone see me do it?  No.  Am I shaming myself?  No - I am simply feeling bad for loss of the photos and the wine cork.  You should tots have the photos saved on your computer and I am confident you can print again.  The wine cork... well - I have no words.

I love you Mommy and Daddy.  You had me at hello.

I hate to put someone on blast but we think the house guest did it.  Justsayin.

* In a nutshell...  "Plausable deniability refers to circumstances where a denial of responsibility or knowledge of wrongdoing can not be proved as true or untrue due to a lack of evidence proving the allegation." 

Sending love from New Orleans...

See you later Mommy!

Dear Mother Nature: Thanks darlin!

I would rather a fish storm but...  I will take these tracks.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vegas baby!


Our resting place!

It is hot people!

On a mission!

Sending love to Mommy!

Getting slammed on Social Media...

I am getting slammed on Social Media for the blog postings about the current invest. Thankfully it is not clients that are doing the slamming but those that have shared the post and have “friends” that are doing the slamming. I don’t often defend nonsense but I feel compelled to this time…

I am not an alarmist.  I am a realist.  Perhaps if more people were “alarmists” we would not have had the suffering that we had post Katrina.  I am responsible for a lot of babies/clients and I could not live with myself if something happened on my watch that I could have avoided.   We have worked storms pre Katrina forward and NEVER left anyone behind.  Does that take 7+ day planning? YES.  

If we are lucky enough to be spared a storm we also and always plan to help those that were impacted.  So – yes – I watch them closely and try to touch base with those that may need support both pre and post event. 

So – to those that are critical… shove your head in the sand and leave us alone.  Thanks in advance. 

I know my clients understand…  the rest of you can sit back and be critical.  Being critical and  cynical really helps those that are in need.  Perhaps you will consider taking that energy and move it to helping here or in places that need help. If you ever find yourself in need... please let us know and regardless of our differences - we will do our best to help you.

Paws and fingers crossed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Can we go now?

Don't tell anyone about this...

Rain makes the flowers grow... and makes Isabelle hide in the closet!

Who Dat!?!

Being patient...

Nom nom


Our pretty girl...

Playin in the park!

I love you... I miss you...

Does Your Pet Have Thunderstorm Phobia?

Good quick read...

Does Your Pet Have Thunderstorm Phobia?

Morning Mommy!

Going to school today!

Latest model run - 96L

Look alive y'all...

Please - I like to sleep in...