Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bye Ms. Erin!

NOPD: Man arrested as principal to woman who stole daiquiri in armed robbery | New Orleans - WDSU Home

I would have given her a daiquiri honey... I have needed a drink so I understand but she was a little to aggressive.  Anyone remember Chicken Joe?  Once he asked me for $13.00.  I asked why $13.00 and he said that was how much 2 40oz were.  I gave him $26.00.  

NOPD: Man arrested as principal to woman who stole daiquiri in armed robbery | New Orleans - WDSU Home:

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I am pretty sure...

Earlier today I told Isabelle to stop barking and I am pretty sure she gave me side eye before she walked off.  B****.

That is not funny...

My chair!


From Garden District Security

Friday’s discovery of a man found dead in his house in the 2100 block of Prytania in the Lower Garden District is still under investigation and a mystery to nearby neighbors.
The Uptown Messenger has been covering the story: 

Mystery surrounds fatal Lower Garden District shooting

A broken screen and window panes on the front door of a home in the 2000 block of Prytania, where a man was found shot to death early Friday morning. (Robert Morris,

The house on Prytania near Josephine where a man was found shot to death early Friday. (Robert Morris,
After a man widely described as helpful and good-natured was found bound and fatally shot to the head in the living room of a Prytania Street home early Friday, neighbors are wondering what could have gone so wrong to bring him to such a shocking fate. 
“He was cool,” said Liz Murillo, a cashier at the Zara’s grocery next door. “He never messed with anybody. That’s the shocking part — why him?”
Police arrived at the home in the 2000 block of Prytania around 1 a.m. to find the man dead with a single gunshot wound to the head, and neighbors say they’ve been told he was bound when he was discovered. The home had been ransacked, police say, and the front door showed damage that included a torn screen and broken window panes.
Joe Zara, owner of the grocery and of the house where the shooting occurred, said the victim was named Ahmad Sheppard, and that he was prompt with the rent, likeable, “the kind of guy you just want to hug.” The victim actually lived in an apartment on the opposite side of the home than the unit he was found in, Zara said.
“How he landed up over here, I don’t know,” Zara said. “It doesn’t make sense.”
Christian Bond, Zara’s son, said the man was constantly at work at a club on Bourbon Street. He didn’t drive, so he was always on foot, and frequently came in for groceries — most recently just a day or two ago for cigarettes. He had lived at the house for more than three years and never caused a problem, Bond said.
“I still can’t believe this happened to him,” Bond said. “It’s supposed to be a nice area. I was thinking of moving in next door. Now I have second thoughts.”
Police are still looking for the victim’s 2008 white Jeep Cherokee with Louisiana license plate WPR 618. Anyone with information is urged to call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111.

Pamela is going to miss these babies


You can't make this stuff up.

This dog really wants a kitty...

Are you lame like me?

I am watching this tonight.

A-List Pets at Home : Home & Garden Television:

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LOVE those ears!

Mr. Okra In Your Pocket | I MUST HAVE THIS!

He gave my babies a cucumber Tuesday!

Mr. Okra In Your Pocket | NOLA DEFENDER:

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Candle, wine and Isabelle in my lap...

Oh and Vicks ;) So romantic. 
Power to the people!  

#darkness #warmwine #lovemesomeentergy - Best tweet yet -

Call Crimestoppers w/ tips. There will be a stew reward. RT : I just hope they find the squirrel and/or raccoon responsible for this.

HOT, DARK house, warm wine... come over!

Thousands without power in New Orleans after malfunction at substation, Entergy says | New Orleans - WDSU Home:

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Cocktails anyone?

Time to wag your tail HONEY!

Our new "littles"!

Animal Rescue of New Orleans: Keep kitty safe in the house | New Orleans Community News | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA


Animal Rescue of New Orleans: Keep kitty safe in the house | New Orleans Community News | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, LA

See ya next week babies!

Cat nap after school...

See my lunch box?



That was fun!

Hurry Bradley!

Ms. Erin - can we leave him here?

Made me laugh out loud...

My Friday face...

2x a day people...

I get to walk Megan 2x a day!

Nearly 100 BBs found under dog's skin


Nearly 100 BBs found under dog's skin:

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"weak cold front" - my favorite kind of cold front!

There is a slight chance of thunderstorms today as a weak cold front slides into the area from the north and northeast. It will still be hot and humid under partly sunny skies even with some rain around, and afternoon heat indices could approach 105 degrees in portions of southeast Louisiana. Instability from the heat and humidity could cause some of the thunderstorms to become strong to severe with strong, possibly damaging wind gusts, frequent lightning strikes and locally heavy downpours.

We needed vacation too...

Cop Shot Litter of Kittens in Front of Screaming Children | Alternet

I have no words.  

June 12, 2013  |  
"On Monday in Ohio, animal control Officer Barry Accorti shot and killed a litter of kittens in front of freaked-out children nearby. “He informed [a witness] that shelters were full and that these cats would be going to kitty heaven,” Ohio SPCA Executive Director Teresa Landon told the Sun News.
Landon said the home owner, who had called for help, assumed the officer "would be trapping them or something and taking them to a shelter and they would be humanely euthanized if they were not adopted." 
“Instead, he went to his truck and got a gun..."

Cop Shot Litter of Kittens in Front of Screaming Children | Alternet:

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June 13, 2013

OHIO SPCA Demands Kitten-Shooting Officer Be Fired

North Ridgeville, Ohio - The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OHIOSPCA) is requesting that North Ridgeville Humane Officer Barry Accorti immediately be relieved of his duties as a “humane officer” and be charged with five counts of animal cruelty. On June 10, 2013, while responding to a call regarding a feral mother cat and her kittens who had taken up residence in a woodpile on a homeowner’s patio, Accorti shot and killed five eight-to-ten-week old kittens.

Upon arrival, Accorti had stated that shelters were full and that the cats would be going to kitty heaven. He then retrieved his gun from his truck and walked to the back of the home where he slaughtered the kittens while the horrified homeowner ran into the house to shield her young children from witnessing the violence.

A law enforcement officer who resorts to shooting kittens or any non-threatening animal is not only lacking in compassion and moral judgment, but violating Ohio law! According to Teresa Landon, Executive Director for the Ohio SPCA, “Accorti’s actions were inhumane and illegal. All citizens of North Ridgeville should be deeply troubled by the fact that Accorti discharged his gun at least five times in a housing development in close proximity to a residence (just feet away), which endangered and traumatized this family and surrounding neighbors.”

North Ridgeville Police Chief Mike Freeman has stated that no disciplinary action will be taken against Accorti. According to the press release from the North Ridgeville Police Department, "Research and other animal organizations accept shooting as an acceptable means of euthanasia."

Landon does not agree, “No HUMANE organization would recommend that non-threatening animals be shot as a method of euthanasia. The use of gunshot to end an animal's life should only be used as an absolute last resort in true emergency situations when an animal is attacking or has been seriously injured and cannot be saved.”

According to John Bell, attorney for the Ohio SPCA, “Shooting a cat is never legal. It is not painless and therefore violates the "immediate and painless" rule contained in the Ohio Revised Code. It is also expressly illegal to “needlessly kill” any ‘companion animal,’ which includes all cats and dogs. The Chief’s statement is ludicrous! No credible authority would ever argue that shooting is an acceptable method of euthanasia.” Bell added that the Ohio SPCA has successfully sued in other Ohio counties to stop the use of gunshot to kill animals.

In addition to disciplinary action, the Ohio SPCA has requested that proactive measures be taken by county officials to ensure that such inhumane and inappropriate actions by North Ridgeville officers do not happen again. Some measure of palliative care should also be provided to the family that had to witness this horror.

There are humane “Trap, Neuter, and Release” programs” (TNR) in place in a multitude of cities and towns throughout Ohio and the United States. If North Ridgeville has a problem with a feral cat population, an appropriate and humane TNR program is the answer, not the cruel use of deadly weapons in residential areas. Residents should educate themselves and their local government officials to take humane proactive steps to reduce the feral cat population.

Due to additional complaints and statements received from North Ridgeville residents, the Ohio SPCA has launched a full-scale investigation of previous actions taken by Officer Barry Accorti and the other part-time officer, Brian Gorski. These actions not only indicate inhumane treatment of animals, but also involve life-threatening circumstances to local residents and animals. Landon states, “Two attempts to speak with Mayor Gillock have failed. If the North Ridgeville Police Chief and Mayor Gillock do not take the obvious necessary action in response to these incidents, a lawsuit by the Ohio SPCA will be the only remedy.”

Love you Mom and Dad

We don't mind that you are extending your trip... 

Early morning wake up call...

Isabelle just could not deal...

Police tow car from scene of Garden District murder | NewOrleans

Way to close for comfort...  Watch out for each other.  Peace be with this family and the family of neighbors that call the LGD home.

Police tow car from scene of Garden District murder | New Orleans:

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2036 Prytania Steet

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Beautiful.  So happy.

Our sweet Pamela...

Picked him up and put him back in the dirt. - Aww
Bless her heart! 
(How would I know it is a him?) 

Gosh - this made my day

"I can't recommend Nicole and her team at Nola Pet Care enough. Their support, professionalism, light-speed turn around answering calls and emails and texts, incredible attitude and most of all, their love of animals -- especially mine -- has made such a difference in my life.
When my husband I left town for nearly three weeks to get married out of state in May, Pamela cared for my two cats, Julia and her son, Chili. She bonded quickly with them. Chili was especially fond of his new friend, and when we returned, though he was very happy to see us, I could tell he was nurtured, loved and cared for by a true animal lover. I think he misses Pamela and can't wait for us to go on vacation again!
We also have two dogs -- a 2 1/2 year old Great Dane, Dolly and her new baby brother, Otis, also a Great Dane, three months old. I recently hired Nola Pet Care to make daily visits to the house while at work, and both dogs immediately took a liking to Barb. As a consummate worry wart, I was anxious my older Dane, Dolly, who is shy, would be difficult to convince to go outside, but I never should have thought twice about it. Dolly did fine and I attribute that in part to Barb's unique ability to bond with animals and make them feel calm and safe.
All my beloved pets are in great hands when Nicole and her team are caring for them. She offers very reasonable rates and a group of supportive caregivers who are devoted to my family. A pet owner with a busy schedule could not ask for more. 

Thank you!"

My goodness... this makes me feel amazing and I can't thank you enough S for sending it.  We are thrilled that you chose us and so happy to have y'all in our family.  

5th kitten found in Metairie traffic | New Orleans - WDSU Home

What in the world is going on around here?

th kitten found in Metairie traffic | New Orleans - WDSU Home:

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Is it wrong if I pick one?

They are on the sidewalk side...

This is all I can think about...

I am so easily entertained.

Our new babies started today...

LOVE new babies in the family!

Walkin' Ms. Pamela

Super sweet when they are sleeping...

 My babies @ 9 weeks...

This morning

I am back honey!

I think so too!

Bless her heart...

Sooo hot!

Can we get it now?

Now? Now? Now? Now? Now?  How about now?  Now?  Can we? Can we? Can we? Can we?

I need Elizabeth super bad...