Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Monkey across the street...

I love my neighbors!

Innocent until proven guilty...

I sure hope these people are guilty because that would take a lot of fighters off of the streets.  I hope they have the proof for convictions.  Good work Mississippi.  

Benton County dogfighting suspects' names released
Apr 3, 2013 

The final number of people arrested at a dog fight in Benton County over the weekend is 52, according to a list released by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday.

Officials said some of those arrested are “major players” in the national dog fight scene.

Between 15-20 dogs were also rescued. Two of them were fighting at the time police arrived, and the others were being held in vehicles awaiting their turn to fight.

"This was one of the premiere dogfights in the country, if you will," said Marshall County Sheriff Kenny Dickerson on Monday. "They have five or six a year according to our intelligence."

Police believe there could be others who escaped through the woods because they confiscated upwards of 70 cars. They also recovered around $100,000 and expected that total to rise as they continued to inventory the confiscated vehicles.

According to Mississippi Code, anyone fighting a dog or holding a dog fight can be fined up to $5,000 and may spend up to three years in the state penitentiary. Those convicted of watching a dog fight can be fined up to $5,000 and may spend up to a year in prison.

Investigators are still looking for those who may have escaped the dog fighting ring, and the Humane Society is offering up to a $5,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to a conviction.

Those arrested by more than 100 officers and agents with the Marshall, Benton, and DeSoto county sheriff’s departments and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations are as follows:

1. Willared Vernon Allen, 33, Houston, Texas
2. Demott Allen, 37, Houston, Texas
3. Kendrick Anderson, 40, Esemmes, Ala.
4. Shadrick Lateaf Bowden, 35, Saltillo, Miss.
5. Tiffany Brooks, 29, Indianola, Miss.
6. Lorenzo Keasean Buckingham, 26, Toledo, Ohio
7. Jordan Butler, 34, Baton Rouge, La.
8. Gary Glenn Bradley, 32, Little Rock, Ark.
9. Norris Carpenter, 48, Memphis, Tenn.
10. Carlton Edwards, 42, Georgiana, Ala.
11. William Edwards, 39, Georgiana, Ala.
12. Billia Cipriano Crenshaw, 37, Sunnyvale, Texas
13. Teaira Evans, 21, Memphis, Tenn.
14. Johnny Fergunson, 41, Laurel, Miss.
15. Twayna Funches, 30, Chicago, Ill.
16. Venice Lorenzo Gilliam, 29, Tallahassee, Fla.
17. Cornelius Q. Gilmore, 32, Liberty, Texas
18. Deverrick Goodin, 38, Houston, Texas
19. Laprysha Griffin, 22, Philadelphia, Miss.
20. Norman Hale, 45, Greenville, Texas
21. Steve Ferrel Handy, 48, Richmond, Texas
22. Gary Hardy, 30, Laurel, Miss.
23. Christopher Harris, 25, Jackson, Miss.
24. Barry Higdon, 41, Plantation, Fla.
25. Donnell Gerome Jackson, 54, Chicago, Ill.
26. Keith Tremayne Jones, 28, Houston, Texas
27. Marvin Jones, 30, Tampa, Fla.
28. Andre Lacy, 45, Mobile, Ala.
29. Intencie Leach, 37, Philadelphia, Miss.
30. Lataurus Chernell Lewis, 33, Indianola, Miss.
31. Eddie McCloud, 43, Pensacola, Fla.
32. Derrick McField, 34, Flora, Miss.
33. Undre Newble, 30, Whiteville, Tenn.
34. Kenneth Eugene Norris, 36, Houston, Texas
35. LaPorsche Nunn, 24, Louisville, Miss.
36. Tony Michael Parker, 46, Pensacola, Fla.
37. Michael Pryor, 35, Pell City, Ala.
38. Andre Roberts, 35, Beaumont, Texas
39. Larry Robinson, 36, Houston, Texas
40. Corey Rogers, 36, Beaumont, Texas
41. Paola Santamaria, 27, Memphis, Tenn.
42. Joseph Smith, 35, Pritchard, Ala.
43. Larry Smith, 58, Memphis, Tenn.
44. Ronald Sykes, 31, West Point, Miss.
45. Ennis Earl Thomas, 31, Houston, Texas
46. Ulysses Washington, 41, College Station, Ark.
47. Ulysses Calvin Washington, Jr., 22, College Station, Ark.
48. Orenthal Tyrone Watkins, 35, Toledo, Oh.
49. Kenneth Edwards Williams, 23, Philadelphia, Miss.

Camp Murphy!

Entertaining his Who Dat! 

Pamela could totally make these!

So cute!

See you tomorrow?!


Love is patient...

gosh I love this so much...  hits me hard! 

I am not going inside Ms. Pamela...


Camp Rome...

He is a fun kid!  I want one!

We got our hair did this morning!

Thanks Ms. Barb.
Love you Mommy & Daddy.

It is Caturday!

yup - still!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dogs' Social Lives and Disease Risks - Tips for Canine and Human Safety

Good quick read...

Dogs' Social Lives and Disease Risks - Tips for Canine and Human Safety:

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I know this annoys me so I can just imagine how the neighbors feel...

Seriously -

No driveway, no gate, notta...  I would guess people just ignore the request.

Kiss me!

FYI People - Mardi Gras was 2 months ago...

Gigi's pillow...

How sweet is that?!  Gosh I miss G and Jessica...  

I only have eyes for Bradley...

Anyone else comes in - you will loose a leg!  

Y'all I can drive!

Although the Doctor told me I can't go far so... I will be going 8th to St. Charles to Jackson to Magazine to Louisiana until I get dizzy and car sick!  So excited.  Next hurdle - walking my babies.  I sure miss walking them!

Happy ending!

Barb is an angel!  Back on track...

Barb is running a bit behind...

"Houser"  busted camp and Barb almost hit him.  His Daddy was called and is on his way.  Collars with name, address and telephone numbers are worth every cent!

Mommy works so EARLY!

This ball is my BFF!

Did you hear the one about the goat that walked into a bar?

Stolen goat hangs out at Montana bar |

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So - I listen to television while I work...  Seriously - that cat really does look like Anderson Cooper!

Playing @ Camp Rome!

Goldendoodle Saves Life of Pregnant Woman Having Seizure | i Love Dogs

Henri and Isabelle did not do a thing for me!

Goldendoodle Saves Life of Pregnant Woman Having Seizure | i Love Dogs:

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Morning y'all!

I can pull and transport if someone can keep them together...

Liked · 50 minutes ago 

Hi our names are Gumbo and Cayanne. We were returned to PAWS because our owner was moving and could not afford to keep us. We would love to get adopted together but if not we do not have to get adopted together. So please come and visit with us. Thanks Gumbo and Cayanne!

I have the heater on

French Quarter Fest!

French Quarter Festival

French Quarter Fest is next weekend and it is getting a bit crazy!  If you need us, please email ASAP and we will get you all set.  I always say... I don't think it is real conducive to bring pups.  It gets a bit crowded!  


I might need this...

Friday y'all!

Hi Mommy & Daddy...

Sending love...  

Hi Mommy and Daddy!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Play School is hard work y'all!

These really freak me out!

Bravo! Raw Frozen Dog Food Recall

Bravo! Raw Frozen Dog Food Recall

We do not see this product very often but heads up!

Bravo! Recalls More Raw Dog Food Products

Bravo Raw Pet Food recall

Bravo! Recalls More Raw Dog Food Products | Find A Vet:

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14 and tossed away... Can someone save her?

Like This Page · 19 hours ago 

Maggie went to Southern Animal Foundation on Monday and got a great exam. She had a negative fecal. The vet said she looked amazing for her age of 14 years. She also had bloodwork and looked great. She will get a dental and have a few masses removed on her mammary glands on Tuesday. She's looking for her forever home as soon as she has her surgery. She's heartworm negative, spayed, up to date on shots, flea prevention, & heartworm prevention. She will be chipped when she gets surgery. She gets along with all dogs. She loves to cuddle. WE think she's a beagle and lab mix. She's so precious and full of life. She's so happy.

Admit it... you laughed!

It is so important!



This stray kitty is now friends with one of our babies...  How cute is that?!

The latest recalls y'all!

For all of our cat angels...

The Cat Trap Depot
Feral Cat Conference 
Friday, April 12th  @ Four Points Sheraton 

$10. to register - includes Tru-Catch trap
Presented by Spaymart, Tru-Catch & Petco Foundation

Our newest doodle bug!

10 weeks old and doing SUPER!  

I am all about Freedom of Speech...

If you search "I hate dogs", "I hate cats" on Facebook you will find a lot of pages and community pages.  The content is disturbing.  I would not post anything on the pages because I do not want to give them the pleasure.  I did however sign this petition and sent Facebook a note...