Thursday, December 9, 2021

One of newest little ones…


Someone got in a little trouble…


You woke me up?

Hi Mom

This memory came up on SM today... December, 2017

 This is Isabelle. Isabelle decided she should open a door and let herself out after we left for the Saints game. Although we are not always as smart as Isabelle we know to lock gates so she was safe and happy. Here she is welcoming Aidan for walk time! I can’t imagine the tourists and @commanderspalace staff she terrorized during her yard party. Additional notes - she did not let her Brother and BFF out...

she closed the door behind her. She used a side door so as to not make it obvious. She was hiding when we came home and literally just came out and tried to act like nothing happened. #gardendistrict #FreeIsabelle #Ilovemytrainer #AnyoneWantToBabysit?

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Sherlock joined his littermate, Watson today. These two have been such a huge fabric of our lives and our business for so long (2006) that it is hard to imagine not having them or their Mom in our lives. I trust he has found Watson and they are cuddling and Henri and Remy are with them doing the same. 

We love you Helen. I will insist on knowing your whereabouts on a weekly basis going forward. Thank you for all of the support but mostly for sharing these two wonderful little ones with us. We love you and you will be in our thoughts as we know how difficult the days ahead will be. 


Let’s roll

One of us is a dork

Look at our new baby…

We are back kids

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Morning friends