Saturday, May 17, 2008

From the desk of Satchmo...

Hi y’all. Summer is almost here. YAY! Hope y’all are gettin’ your fair share of froggie catchins’! I am! GIMME GIMME! I am great. BIGGEST week yet!

I am 8 almost 9 weeks old. I know lots ‘bouts lots. I am wise beyond my puppy weeks. I can go up the stairs, down the stairs, under the stairs, through the stairs and I can chew the stairs. I drink out of the big dog water bowl (HA HA - take that big dogs). I chase and chew ERYTHING.
I am a one puppy “froggie assasininin’’” ma-ch-ine. I am a puppy God! Even my brothers think so.

Toulouse and Kesey chase me around and bark at me! They curl their lips and make very low strange sounding noises. They are singing my praises, of course. Sometimes, they even jump up and nip as I walk by. It MUST be to say “All hale King Satchmo”. Mom keeps saying “Toulouse is going to be sainted for the P – U – P – P – Y”. I cannot spell and I don’t know what the word sainted means but… I am pretty sure she is saying “I am an important pooch and Toulouse knows it”. In return for the praise, I nibble (she will tell you bite the crap out of) her hands. I want her to know “How very smart she is” cause she knows how great I am.

For those of you who keep asking “if I am still 1 ear” – yes, yes I am. And proud of it people!
Truth be told, my 1 ear has grown so much - it is about to tip back over in the other direction. It’s not sure if it is a comin’ or a goin’.
No matter because…
I am still
Satchmo the frog assassin!

Puppy kisses,

PS - Mom says “I won’t be so precocious next update” – whatever that means…. All hale King Satchmo!!!

PPS - You don’t think the big dogs are actually upset when I pile drive off the couch, legs flying, mouth open and then *CHOMP*. Do you? No, no of course not. They are definitely singing my praises and not “growling”, right????

PPS – I had a puppy play date with a gorgeous long legged rock stars daughter yesterday! She wants to do it again soon. YAY! Told y’all I was a puppy God!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Look at our little babies...

How lucky are we? We get to see these little babies five days a week. They have the most wonderful, distinctive personalities. Cookie time is always exciting... I know I always say this but, we really are blessed.


the rain cramps my style and disrupts my daily routine. I am cute and a huge hit with my daily dog walker.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


That is such a "what" face... "What - can't you see I am working on this chew toy?" "I will get back to you when I am ready to play... "YEA MONDAY!
PS - Sawyer... disregard this post.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi Mom!

All is well in N.T. land

Misadventures of Mad Max

He is sleeping. He sits on the corner and looks at our office desk until he can't do it any longer. Goof.
I just woke him... Did not want all of the blood to rush to his little head!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Felice Notte!

LONG vacation in Italy... Who needs it?! We are wonderful. Minnie was thrilled to play outside and Max... Max was attempting to break into the kitchen to get to the treats! I swear he opens the latch on the door when we are not looking... Silly Max. Have a great time.

Miss Kitty

One of the most difficult parts of owning this company is being faced with losing our little loved ones. Miss Kitty had 16 wonderful years with the most outstanding parents. She was one of our little special needs babies because she was deaf… She was such a sweet girl… we all loved her so.

Miss Kitty… we are going to miss you. We will take really good care of Fiona. I hope you have found Remy (most likely last seen with Pablo) and that he is playing nice… Take care of each other.

Please think about Miss Kitty, her mom and dad and give extra cuddles tonight to yours. It goes by so fast.

It makes me smile too...

I want to cuddles...

Misadventures of Mad Max

Regrettably, Mr. Brown Puppy is no longer with us. It was swift and very quiet… now I think he realizes the nature of his destruction. He is stalking his next stuffed victim.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Smashing do!

Although he does not look happy... we know he is happy. Just a bit worn out... loves the walk but loves going back for the cookie jar! Perhpas we hurt his little feelings when we play with his bangs! We think they are cute! This may be his - "I have walked ok! Just give me my treats and turn on WDSU" face! He loves us... just plays hard to get...

Misadventures of Max the Gardener!

Looking very proud of the fact that he successfully moved the mini gardenia plants over so he could lay in the dirt... Max refused to come when called. I call it his... "what are you going to do about it" face.

How pretty is this profile?!

I am so happy after my walk but way to inquisitive to pay attention to my dogwalker/photographer!


Look at our little man the LSU fan! What a life...

How cute...

They were ready to eat this morning!

Dad - Sunday was stressful...

Can you tell? Travel more...