Saturday, December 31, 2011

Will work for cheese...

He does dishes!

12.31.11 - Already

Happy New Year's Eve...

It has been a great year and a busy year and for that I thank our Clients and my Team.  Our business has grown more than I would have ever expected and most conversations start with "my friend or Elizabeth or our Vet gave me your name.  It means so much to me when I hear those words because it means that you trust us with your babies and you appreciate the job that we do.  

In 2011 my blog was hit from the  lowest hit day - 280,  to a record high this year of 716 hits from all over the world.  It is wonderful to receive emails and comments from pet lovers and those that will read anything New Orleans.  This year our highest read  blog post really  was a huge surprise... if you "google "Sago Palm Toxicity Dogs" - check out what comes up.  The second highest hit and the one I am most proud of this year was the Dog Fighting Game that was released for Andriod phones.   The third, fourth and fifth were all rescue posts and I am happy to say that all found forever homes.    

Thank you all for your support in 2011 and best wishes for 2012.

Viva New Orleans! 

Hi Mommy!

Love me some Bradley

Paying attention...

to the treat!

We hope it is quiet tonight!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hurry Bradley!


Max V - International Lover

Could walk Barb all day in this weather!

SPCA: Neglect Or Abuse Not Cause Of Horse Death

Remember this horrible story?

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - SPCA: Neglect Or Abuse Not Cause Of Horse Death:

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I wish someone in New Orleans...

would open a food pantry for pets in NOLA. I would love to be involved!

Keeping pets out of shelters - : Editorials:

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I could not...

Let the year end without posting my favorite photo of my sweet Remy.  I love you sweet baby and I think about you every day.  You would hate the babies!  

My vacation is over...


So I am heavy...

So what!


Duck #1 - Before his untimely death.

I love them

Someone near and dear to my heart, took these four photos of the babies and I LOVE them!  I had to put them over one of the last photographs of Remy.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

This poor duck will never see 2012

Darling baby...

We do not make this stuff up!

Booty shot! 

To lift my spirits a bit?! : Poisonous snakes in luggage at Argentine airport

Oh my goodness... What the heck?!

The Associated Press: Poisonous snakes in luggage at Argentine airport:

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I had a Facebook rant today....

It has started already... I HATE when I start getting telephone calls/emails from people looking to place Christmas gifts. People they are not GIFTS they are pets. They are not UNTIL. I hate dumb people more than anything. I wish I could go pick up every pet and punch every one that hands me the pet in the head. Angry? Yes - Makes me very angry.

Hi Mom!

Sending love from home...  

Beautiful Winter weather...

Makes me dance!

I want to get under with him...

This darling Beagle is on a military base in NOLA - Angel needed!

Can anyone help save this darling Beagle. I received this from one of our Military clients (a fellow Military personal sent to him) and would really like to help get the baby off the Navy Base.  

Note from the person trying to save him...

I am not too sure of his age or if he is N/S. I can only speculate that earlier this year
when the Navy families were being relocated to VA, they moved and left him here to fend for 
himself. I can tell you that when our building was being build, I seen him around our area andso that is why I think he was left then.

The party is almost over!

Daddy & Mommy are heading home...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanks Marisa

Or not... for his new toy.  He loves/drives him nuts!

Happy Birthday

Sexy Max! 

You know what this represents?

SADNESS.  Y'all returning to New Orleans and taking our babies away from us.  Boo!

Bid to curb nationwide snake sales stalls

I am TOTALLY in favor!

Bid to curb nationwide snake sales stalls - Miami-Dade -

Drop the cookies!

Hurry Man! 

"Im not an until"

Love our Mommy!

Kickin' it!

Tucking the babies in...

We think you should travel more too!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3,000 Square Feet...

and these two sleep in the middle of the kitchen rug but only when I need to cook or unload the dishwasher.

Isabelle & Henri (facing the stove - his favorite thing in the kitchen)

The bird that took a bite out of Bradley...

is so sweet!  Marisa did not get bit. 

Just had to mention...

B + Barb

I (Nicole) made Barb late to walk Ms. B and her Grandma said she was standing at the door waiting for  her...  I am sorry Ms. B.  

Sad that it is almost over...

We hate when vacation ends too!

Love this thing...


Do not go yet Ms. Pamela!

Kitty love!