Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby Zack & Sasha

My pretty boy Sasha is ignoring me...he has better things to do. Zack is a comical kitten despite his size. Tomorrow I am going to post a picture of his fluffy tail (he would not sit still today). I think he has the fluffiest tail ever and could be in the Guinness Book of World Records, so stay tuned!

What a week... Read on. It is sort of funny? Or not...

Sunday we ( our client) had a "real baby" and had to go pick up our baby for Overnights with Sawyer. They "real baby" was a bit early. So, we had some changes to the schedle but loved every minute of it!

Sunday was our official start of Hurricane Season and our traveling client PLAN process change…

Monday we had a baby (see puppy below!)

Monday we got to see Dr. Hanson... the aforementioned blog - “Mug Shots”

Tuesday we had a flat tire… thank goodness we have such a flexible team! “Plan A” is often never executed in this business!

Wednesday we had a prospective new client tell me “we will never have another hurricane as bad as Katrina so, just leave my cats and dog in the house if you need to”. They are not our clients.

Thursday we had a beautiful Golden that decided to play with her ear and despite Sawyer’s efforts, she got to have another surgery! Good news/bad news... she hates Marci for taking her but loves Bradley for picking her up today.

Friday we had two flat tires. Thank fully Sawyer was able to run (literally) from one client to the other and ran back just in time for AAA to show up! The afternoon flat – well, lets just say the AAA guy and I are good friends.

Friday we lost one of our newest clients. Not to death but poor planning and a very sad situation.

Friday night I saw this sign at a client’s home. It made a strange, emotional, hate New Orleans roads, love our clients and appreciate them so much… day/week seem somewhat funny.

I ended the day walking Raz (the horse) on the levee watching the Pothole blaster on River Road. Irony? My team had already taken care of her twice but I really needed her. It would have been one of those days when I came home to cuddles with Remy and I know what he would have done… he would have looked at me and walked off to the pantry and stood in front of the door until I got up.

Next week we have another “real baby" person due… I am going to suggest we use River Road for all of our travels and walk in. Think the team will go for that?

Black Lab Pool Party!

I think Gigi has a twin! It is hard to see in these pictures but Gigi and Cleo really could be twins or at least related. My mom is even getting them confused and she lives with Gigi.

Friday, June 6, 2008

.:~Stevie the wonder kitten~:.

Meet Stevie! A couple of weeks ago I found (actually one of my overnight puppy guests found...thanks 22!) a mama cat and her three kittens under my house. Sadly, one of the babies was not doing very well. She couldn't walk and couldn't pick her head up. Her mom had basically given up on her and spent her days chasing after the two healthy babies. I fed them outside for a few days and realized that the runt was not eating or moving around at all. So, despite my mother's very firm "Sawyer, do NOT bring it in the house," I brought her inside. She was bottle fed for a few days and then started eating from a dish on her own....soft food to she is eating dry kitty food and drinking as much water as Buzi does. She is litter trained and very social. She purrs like nothing I have ever heard before, loves Buzi, and puts up with Dil attacking her. I am in love with this kitten. However, I should not have 2 cats. So, I thought I would put her picture up and start casually thinking about finding a loving home for her. Take a look and, if you are at all interested in a happy, energetic, goofy, and frequently entertaining kitten, let me know :)

Look at what we grow into...

Yes, the puppy slept all night long... I am sad to say she is not here today! I miss her...

I remember when this little one (baby S)... was a little one. She is growing into such a lady!

I know I say this all of the time... they are so much work but the love you get in return is worth every minute. Kiss your babies today for Remy and I!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have a new baby sister...

Based on this photo (Sawyer was calling my name and I really wanted her to leave me alone...) I do not appear happy.

We are sure she is. Welcome baby Adelaide. OUR baby M will be really nice. Trust us! Congratulations…. !!

Well... he left the door open!

Bradley cleaned it up and we may or may not have learned our lesson. Hope poppa did!

Tough love...

Love you mom!

Day Two - Crate Training/Charm School/Leash School

I have taken a great nap and I am ready to do that “go potty” thing. Mostly because… I love my walk around the block AFTER I do it!

By the way, I take great naps in the day so I can keep mom and dad up at night.

PS – We put soft toys in the crate as well a basketball or two and a football. Need to be well rounded. She is after all, a Lab!


Sugar Free Gum -(can often does) contain XYLITOL with can cause Xylitol Toxicosis. Which can elevate liver enzymes, which can cause liver failure. More on that later. I am going to post a PDF on blog that Dr. Hanson (Crescent City Vet) gave me yesterday. (I AM NOT A VET AND DO NOT PRETEND TO BE!)

Obit White Gum (amongst other things...) + these two sweet things = Dr. Hanson.

By the way... one of these two little ones managed to open the pen and they fun started from that point. THANK GOODNESS FOR MID DAY VISITS!

By the way... if you ever need tips on cleaning up chewed gum from the floor, I can put you in touch with our babies dad. He had a long night...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hurricane Season - 2008

Last month (from May 1, 2008 – May 31, 2008), my website had 18,019 “hits”. Obviously, not all of those are existing clients or potential clients. That, I fully understand and acknowledge.

With that, this page is one of the most popular pages visited. Therefore, I want to provide information to readers… both clients, potential clients and those of you that are just visiting.

I will reserve personal comment on the writer… however; the quote is one that I find myself using this time of the year.

“Hope is not a plan. Don’t hope for something. Plan for it. ”
-Anderson Cooper

(When talking about respective response of goverment(s) support, or lack thereof, regarding Katrina)

Today, I started watching Tropical Depression Arthur (today is just the start of hurricane season for those that are just visiting and not living in a hurricane “zone”…) we know, plans are very important in our business as well. My business is taking care of your family and I take that very seriously.

So, for everyone visiting the site…

New Orleans Pet Care clients – You know the PLAN.

Potential New Orleans Pet Care clients – We do not haphazardly enforce our PLAN. It may be a bit more than you want to think about but this is not our first hurricane season.

If you choose another pet care company or decide upon a boarding facility, I would suggest that you are sure they have a written plan that leaves no room for ambiguity.

Just a few things…

My site is hosted outside of New Orleans.

My Webmaster is in Illinois.

The blog turns into an emergency page (it has always been on the site, just not visible).

The blog can/will be managed from anywhere but… we manage from:
Gonzales, Louisiana (225)
Dallas, Texas (214, 972)
Edmond, Oklahoma (405)

These numbers will be posted on the blog if necessary.

We HOPE to never have to execute the PLAN again... but we are prepared to do so.