Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Illegal cheese night"

When the man of the house makes grilled asparagus with havarti cheese.  The illegal part is that Mom does not let us have cheese but someone else does!  We are waiting patiently.  Had our raw asparagus, saw the cheese, we can smell the cheese and we are waiting for it.

I am really, really, really, really ready for my Dr. Daddy to come home...

Cuddles on Ms. Erin's lap...

Why I put my three and L bug in the car to go for a ride is beyond me. Lady is under Isabelle's leg.

Henri, Max, Isabelle, L bug...

Don't tell our Vet Mommy but - truth be told... we run this joint!

These 2!

We love a fun filled Caturday!

All hands on deck today! 

Morning Mommy!

Friday, April 10, 2015

National Sibling Day!

This is as close as I can get them.

I love these smiles... we got wet but we had fun!

Playing cat and mouse with Ms. Erin...

Hurry... We have cookies in there!

Don't hate me because I am beautiful!

Pamela's little bug bug...

Is this cat going up or down the stairs? Now it is annoying me!

MAN IT IS BEAUTIFUL TODAY!  We are so blessed to be able work outside.

Pre play school power nap!

Play school or bust!

Laws exist to protect animals and people alike

Laws exist to protect animals and people alike - The Daily News: News

Breakfast time!

Good morning NOLA!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another one...

I love that hat!

She is growing into her toys!

I love when I see photographs of events...

and my little brother is in them!  FQF

We love when we get this little one..

His name is Remy... xo that!

Going to French Quarter Fest? A must do!

Jack Daniel (not him personally...Ha!) asked some of the Nyx members to create this for French Quarter Fest.  They would love to see photos tagged #FQFestNOLA #JackDaniels #KreweofNyx

Hope to see you out there! 

You have to walk slow/fast/slow/fast!

It is hard to be a shorty.

How cute is this?


Time out Ms. Erin... I am big boned!

This sweet one...

They have me surrounded...

L, Max (under the table) Isabelle and Henri in front.  I have no earthly idea why they do this. 

@ Lafayette Square... @ lunch time... meet adoptables... take them on a walk... GREAT IDEA!

Creative ZTD markers this year...

My other little shadow...

Sending love from New Orleans...

Morning funny!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My serious face

One of my OG's!

I love him so much...

Intimate Portraits of 50 Artists and Their Cats Compiled by Alison Nastasi


Reasons Your Veterinarian Hates You (And How You Can Fix It!)

Great read!  Thanks Pamela.

so hot outside!

These freak me out a little.

Good eye Emilie!

So happy!

Do you have to let him out of the kennel?

Trying so hard to back out of that collar... Off to play school!

Can he geaux with us?

All 4... I can't leave alone!

Max, Isabelle, Henri and L...  All rollin with me to Metairie.

Max is daydreaming about what Daddy & Mommy might be doing...