Saturday, February 26, 2011

I will get it!


Katie went to walk one of our babies and found her broken out with these huge bumps... They were all over her back but thankfully, not in her mouth or on her tongue. Mom took her to the Vet and they think it was a spider or bug of some kind. She got a shot and they are gone this morning. This could have been really bad had Mommy not gotten the baby to the Vet when she did!

Please give to PAWS when you can... they do such great work!

This precious little girl was found by one of our PAWS employees going to work this morning. She thought it was a plastic grocery bag on the side of the highway, when she got up close this little girl raised her head. Much to our dismay this little one couldn't walk because her legs were matted together, her mouth was matted shut along with her eyes. We brought her to Acadianna West Animal Clinic where the vet and 3 employees are working on this little girl for the last two hours. She had to be sedated to be shaved down.
We will know later how healthly/unhealthy she is once they get done with her. Please keep her in your prayers and we will give you an update and more recent picture once we get it.
The scale says 16.9 pounds but how much does all that matted hair weigh?
Will keep you updated...... Donna

These are cool too!

Love getting stuck behind parades

Really - I do!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buzi's houseguest...

YouTube Video

May or may not want to eat her kitty cat!
How cute is this baby?
Awwww - we are so in love!

Alleged Fighting Dog Trainer Wanted | | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

The more I read about this story the more ANGRY I get. This man has some splainin' to do... Let's help find him shall we?

Alleged Fighting Dog Trainer Wanted | | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

Second phase of Magazine repairs to be "minimally inconvenient," state tells business owners

Really? It is KILLING us... Read all about it!

Today is my Birthday!

Henri is hungry...

Nothing getting done around here!
This goes on from about 3ish until I can't take it any more...
And he is the good one.

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Paying attention!

For a cookie...

Parades start tomorrow! Yahoo!

If you love Justin Bieber... Well you are in luck!

Get to school kids...

Watch dog...
Watch him eat!
Watch him bark at the kids!

Monday, February 21, 2011

What a great game!

What Is Fur-Ever Home™, the Animal Rescue Game?

  • The only board game on the market where you get to run your own animal rescue.
  • Easier than the Game of Life™ but harder than Monopoly™ and way cooler, since you help dogs and cats to Fur-Ever Homes.
  • Teaches players about running a business including inventory and money management.
  • Teaches players compassion towards animals.
Socially Conscious!
  • We support our national Choose Rescue Charities, with more than 130 participating local rescues.
  • One of the few board games made in the USA, except for one bag made in the UK.
Rated E for Everybody over 8 can play it!


I want Henri and Isabelle to be Red Beans and Rice for Mardi Gras day but I can't figure out how to make the costumes... Thoughts? Email!

This makes me so happy!

Thank you Mother Nature!

Happy Presidents' Day from...

(This is his serious consideration face)
President of Meals/Snacks
New Orleans Pet Care & La Maison Remy

You can stay longer Mommy!

Paying attention to the cookie jar!