Friday, August 29, 2008

Three years later... and the next three days

The telephone has not stopped today. I want to talk to each and every person that calls. Someone offered to help with telephones today but I could not imagine not being the one to talk to everyone. Last night Sawyer came by to drop off her things to head back to Chicago to wait out Gustav. We had the usual small talk, we hugged and I said something like… “I will see you next week”. When she left I could not stop crying. I admit it! I kept thinking about three years ago when we all thought that we would be… right back. I started thinking about all of the clients that never returned. It made me really sad and even more concerned. But then I started thinking about my current team and our group of AMAZING clients. So many clients that are post Katrina additions. These three years have been amazing in so many ways… and when it comes down to it… we would not be who we are today without the experience. Thank you all for supporting this company that I love so much. It means more and more to me every day. Be safe and stay in touch!

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