Saturday, December 13, 2008

One year ago today...

Sawyer was leaving for Africa, it was a very hectic time at work (thank goodness I work from home) and we (New Orleans Pet Care) were very busy. Several of my team were in the middle of finals and/or papers due. The evening prior (12th) we had plans to take Jessica and Sawyer to dinner before Sawyer left. Remy was not feeling well that day and had a seizure in the early evening hour so Mike stayed home with him. When I got home from dinner... we ended up in the emergency room with more seizures. I decided to take Remy to see Dr. Cathrine the next day (13th) because he still did not look very good... I just had a bad feeling. Wow... was I right. Dr. Cathrine told me that he HAD to spend the night but just one night. She let me take him for awhile before I had to leave him. I drove to one of our favorite spots on the River Road between La Place and our family home in Gonzales. Our spot is a place we had gone many times... lots of trees, smells, and places to run. The photo was taken there... After lots of tears, some cuddles (Remy was not a fan of cuddles) I returned to La Place to drop him off. My life has never been the same... I go back to that spot when I need to reconnect with him and with myself. If you don't have a "spot" I highly recommend them... I miss him so much.

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