Monday, March 9, 2009

The best thank you EVER!

Thank you Tara! The back story... Jessica, Pooh and Gumbo were "attacked" by a dog but only Jessica got hurt and not bad... she was just protecting her babies! Tara... this is the best thank you ever! We love y'all!

Pooh and Gumbo wanted to thank Jessica for protecting them from the other doggie. And Maude and Mystic wanted to thank her for the treats. I just want to thank you for making what was an exciting but stressful time for me so easy to deal with. I knew my animals were well taken care of, and it made my daughter so happy to know that I could be focused on her and the new baby.Pooh, Gumbo, Maude and Mystic have made a donation to ARNO in your honor (New Orleans Pet Care, Nicole Douget and Jessica). It was the one thing they could think of that would be a little more than just a thank you. Since finding New Orleans Pet Care, my travel life has been so much happier. Thank you.Tara

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