Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Great News from LASPCA

Case Closed

The Cruelty Investigations team closed another case this month. In October 2009 we seized an emaciated German shepherd, pictured below. He was a mere 38 lbs. This was the second time we had been to William Jackson's house. In 2008, we seized another dog from his house, but the charges didn't hold up in court. This time, with our newly formed Cruelty Investigations team gathering evidence and working the case, justice was served.

Our Cruelty Investigations team tracked down three witnesses, one from North Carolina. Jackson pled guilty, but the judge didn't take this evidence lightly. She sentenced Jackson to serve 45 days in jail, have no animals on his property owned or otherwise for the rest of his life except aquarium fish, and pay the LA/SPCA $684 in fees. We are very proud of our investigators and to have saved another German shepherd from a similar fate.
This sweet dog has adjusted perfectly to home life and as seen in the picture, he is up to 75lbs. Check out other news from the LA/SPCA and our Cruelty Investigations Team.

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