Friday, March 5, 2010

Shut UP!

One of our dear clients daughter (no worry she has the proper background) is babysitting this little one who is getting stronger and almost ready to be released... I got this great photo and email... I LOVE IT!

"This is Jilly she is 6 months old and will be released into a wonderful private wildlife preserve on the North Shore but is living with the owners of that property until she is old enough to be placed with the other roos.. She eats mostly formula but likes crackers, and she has no fear of humans, has no fear and will allow petting. She's super soft, cuter than you can imagine, very alert, looks at everything, especially loves seeing her reflection in windows and mirrors. to hold her you have to scoop her up very deliberately, otherwise she hops away, quickly. today congo took a nap today with mary anne, on her bed, can you imagine !! she looks like a rabbit and drops rabbit like pellets. i was told you can't house train a kangeroo, thank goodness cause they deserve lots of acreage."

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