Thursday, April 21, 2011

See this?

This is Henri sleeping. Belly full... eye booger.

Mike, the babies and I were dining outside and enjoying some Frgei Brothers Chardonnay and a wonderful cool breeze. We ordered appetizers and dinner.

Henri and Isabelle were laying on the sidewalk bricks enjoying a fresh bowl of water with a few ice cubes. They are so sweet when we dine outside.

The waitress brings a beautiful plate of bruschetta (below) and all of the sudden - Henri jumps up and eats not one but two of them off of the plate. I was paralyzed! NEVER would I have imagined that Henri would ever do it! Henri!? Not Isabelle... the one I was watching and expecting. My boy was hungry, focused and FAST!!

I punished him under the table and when he settled... he put his head on my lap and BURPED.


Hey Mikey (Baby Daddy) - he liked it!

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