Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shooting @ Tchoupitouls & Upperline - 10:28am - Easter Morning

This morning Mike and I took the babies to swim at Canine Connection. Sadly, hearing gun shots ring out is such a common thing in New Orleans but this morning, it was so close that I can still hear it in my ears.

It was 10:28 in the morning... one block from Canine Connection... two blocks from Hansen's. It was two shots and a loud, piercing scream. A young man on the ground, propped up against a telephone pole. Shot. I keep thinking about the poor family that is getting the telephone call from the hospital on Easter morning.

I love my hometown with all that I have and this is not the first time I have been to close...

I wish our leadership could get a handle on crime.

I wish these children would stop killing each other.

I wish the best for this poor young man and his family... I hope he lives to see another day.

Be careful y'all.

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