Thursday, July 7, 2011

Superdome Poodle - Rescued by ARNO

Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is doing great work. Are you looking for a poodle? They rescued one from the Superdome!

Superdome Poodle
Post One:

No details on sex, etc. yet but just got the call, WE GOT THE POODLE! Michelle reports that finally the poodle is in our trap and sweet as pie! When I talked to Superdome parking today was told she/he has been there quite awhile so they were rooting for us to be successful.
Will keep you posted when Michelle comes up with a name (rescuer names the dog at ARNO)

Post Two:
Well we think he isn't a poodle after all or a mix maybe but little Samson as he has been named by his rescuer has had his first bath in a long time. We will post some before shots as soon as we get them from Michelle but his bathwater was very very gray, we weren't sure we were dealing with a white dog until he was ...dry! We had to cut what looked like clumps of tar off of him and no doubt the exhaust fumes of a huge parking facility, as well as oil and grease are what made him appear to be a gray dog! He is super sweet, had a collar, no tags, no microchip but walks well on leash, jumps and plays and barks when you go away. We will do our best to find his owner but we will give him lots and lots of love while he is on legal hold for owner and then will be available to adopt.

Post Three:
Sampson - stray at New Orleans Saints Superdome. He had been there for about a month now. I guess he wanted to really be a Who Dat dog. Thanks to Lise and Ginnie at ARNO, we were able to get this baby out and into safe hands. He is a sweet and lovable baby!

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