Monday, August 8, 2011

Lost Dog

One of our Afghan Mommy's asked us to post this! If you see or find a dog that looks like an Afghan or tall Poodle - give me a call!

"I saw a dog that is lost by Audubon Zoo/The Fly. It was laying down between the railroad tracks. We saw it as we were driving out of The Fly and before we got to the tennis courts. We tried to approach it to see if it had a collar or was hurt. It got up and trotted away from us seemingly not trusting but wasn't aggressive at all. It turned and watched us but wouldn't let us get near it. I'm not sure if it is a male or female. It has no collar or tags.

It is blond or tan in color. Very tall with long, lanky legs. It looked like someone had taken it to be clipped/groomed fairly recently but the hair is also dirty now. The breed looks like it could be a mix of Afghan and tall Poodle. The hair was kind of wavy and curly like a poodle.

I hope someone will take this dog into a loving home if there is no owner to claim it. It looks sad and sweet but scared."

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