Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take out the checkbook and a tissue...

ARNO’s sad story of the day (with hopeful ending!)

Yesterday, ARNO was brought a kitten who had been found “frozen-like” on the railing on the side of the interstate. He was bleeding from his mouth and rectum so plans were made to end this kitten’s suffering. However, upon a thorough examination by our veterinarian, it was discovered that the kitten’s injuries were not life-threatening and he probably sustained abrasions and wounds, likely upon being tossed outside of a vehicle. If that isn’t sad enough, here is the kicker, the little kitten is blind and not from being left on the interstate. Our vet has determined that the kitten probably had the calici virus which left him blind and he will likely have to have at least one of his eyes which is ulcerated removed, possibly both eyes. This little kitten’s crappy life and near death is finally over, he’s an ARNO kitten now and blind or not, he will go forward into a wonderful life, we will assure it.
If you would like to donate to the cost of his care, please donate and mark “Blind kitten” in instructions to vendor. If you are interested in eventually giving this little baby a home, please email
Thank you so much for allowing us to continue helping these innocent creatures.

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