Thursday, December 15, 2011

8 Black Lab Puppies... Need to be saved!

Update - they are no longer at St. John Animal Shelter.  They have been rescued by an "angel". I will post more information as I get it.  I just reached out to her a few minutes ago (3:50pm).  Thanks for all of the interest in these babies.  I will touch back!

There are 8 Black Lab puppies at St. John Animal Shelter in La Place.  Shelter staff say the puppies have lived in the shelter for 2 months.  The puppies are 3 months old and they are all sharing a kennel in the back with no windows.  The dogs are not allowed to go outside of the kennel as part of the shelters policy to protect them from parvo.  These babies have never had the chance to run in the grass or feel the sun on their faces.  They are going to start putting them down soon unless rescues or  forever homes are found.

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8 Lab Pups on YouTube:

St. John Animal Shelter
488 W. 2nd St.
corner of River Road and Water Plant Road
LaPlace, LA 

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