Saturday, December 31, 2011

12.31.11 - Already

Happy New Year's Eve...

It has been a great year and a busy year and for that I thank our Clients and my Team.  Our business has grown more than I would have ever expected and most conversations start with "my friend or Elizabeth or our Vet gave me your name.  It means so much to me when I hear those words because it means that you trust us with your babies and you appreciate the job that we do.  

In 2011 my blog was hit from the  lowest hit day - 280,  to a record high this year of 716 hits from all over the world.  It is wonderful to receive emails and comments from pet lovers and those that will read anything New Orleans.  This year our highest read  blog post really  was a huge surprise... if you "google "Sago Palm Toxicity Dogs" - check out what comes up.  The second highest hit and the one I am most proud of this year was the Dog Fighting Game that was released for Andriod phones.   The third, fourth and fifth were all rescue posts and I am happy to say that all found forever homes.    

Thank you all for your support in 2011 and best wishes for 2012.

Viva New Orleans! 

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