Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heads up clients & neighbors

It is like the Wild West all over... be safe and watch out for each other!  

Armed Robbery on First and St. Charles

On Tuesday December 19th, 2011, at about 2:45 a.m., Sixth District Officers responded to 1734 Second
Street regarding an armed robbery that occurred at the intersection of Saint Charles Avenue and First
Streets. It should be noted that during the investigation it was determined to change the signal of the
incident from a simple robbery to an armed robbery (with an implied weapon).
Upon arrival, the officers met with the victim, a white female, and obtained the following information:

The victim stated that she was walking home to her residence located in the 1700 block of Second Street from
Walgreens after purchasing some items. She was walking on the north/lake side sidewalk in an
uptown/west direction while holding to bags of purchased items. As she approached the intersection of
First Street, an unknown black male subject on an old gray of silver beach cruiser style bicycle pulled
from First Street and stopped in front of her and blocking her. The subject got off his bicycle, with his left
hand under his jacket as if he was armed and stated “Stop, drop your bags and give me all your -----
your cell phone, wallet and money, do it slow.” The victim complied and handed the subject the six
dollars and change that she had to the perpetrator. The perpetrator was not pleased with the amount of
money the victim relinquished and went the victim’s pockets with his right hand. The perpetrator
removed the victim’s keys and mace from her pockets and threw them to the ground. The perpetrator
looked at the victim for a brief moment then stated “Come here.” The victim replied “No.” The perpetrator
then grabbed the victim’s sweatshirt and tried to pull her closer to him. The victim pulled away from the
perpetrator. The perpetrator then got back onto his bicycle and fled in an uptown/west direction on Saint
Charles Avenue, then unknown. The victim then walked to her residence and called the police.
It should be noted that the victim also stated that when she left her residence to go to Walgreens, she
observed the perpetrator riding his bicycle in circles in the 1800 block of Second Street.

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