Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Blog Hits - Amelia

I am not sure if you saw the blog post yesterday about our YE Blogger Hits but today I got this update from Amelia's Daddy.  It made my day! 


Nicole, H told me about the blog "hits", and I thought an update was

She grew (45Lbs) into a beautiful, funny, caring, playful angel and her
unconditional love is always a pleasure to come home to...especially on rough

Amelia is the sweetest, most loving angel you can imagine. She constantly does
things that amaze me, and she steals my heart daily.

Her interaction with children (I have six grandkids) is truly something to see.
It is such an amazing combination of tenderness and careful play that it makes
your heart skip a beat and brings a tear to your eye.

We are best friends and I would be lost without her.

Thanks to you, and Helen, for getting us together...I will NEVER forget meeting
my little girl for the first time with you and Sawyer.

Hope your holidays were/are wonderful.

Amelia's Proud Dad,
Eddie R.  

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