Thursday, January 26, 2012

Donation Drive

We are helping collect and providing transport for collections for Villalobos Rescue Center - New Orleans.  Some of you may be familiar with Tia Torres (Pit Bull & Parolees on Animal Planet) and her rescue efforts.  Long story short...  (you can watch this season to get caught up on the specifics) Tia and her family have moved to New Orleans.  Villalobos Rescue Center - New Orleans is only one block from the post Katrina SPCA on Japonica Street.  I know there are some very strong feelings about Pit Bulls and Parolles... I have had an ear full in the past few weeks and I appreciate the feedback.  Bottom line for me is that not only is Tia helping pull Pitt Bulls off of our streets but she is working hard to educate our community.  I applaud her for both.  Also, she is a rescuer... not only Pitt Bulls but whatever she finds and whomever finds her.

If you can help support by donating some of these wish list items, they would really appreciate it.

You can either leave them for us to pick up or email and I will pick them up for you!

Thanks y'all!

Let's welcome Tia to New Orleans by helping her get started in our city...

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