Sunday, March 25, 2012

This week...

I sent an email to all of our clients with service this week.  In case you missed it...  

Our 23 year old nephew was killed in a motorcycle accident in Dallas a few hours ago.  My husband and I are leaving in the morning.  As most of you know, Bradley is my Step Son and will be flying in for the Wake and Funeral.

We will service as usual... the only thing that may change is who walks your dogs.  Barbara and Pamela's routes will stay the same.  Erin and Marisa will be taking over for Bradley for the few days he is gone.  They are all very good communicators and have had experience with each of your pets.  

Please don't hesitate to phone/text, etc. as usual if you need anything at all.  My phone will be on forward to Bradley or Pamela when I am not available.  But please... stay the course if you need to add, cancel, etc.  

Thanks for your understanding.  

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