Friday, April 13, 2012

Heads up y'all!

Uptown New Orleans folks who run in Audubon Park...

From Audubon Area Security District. Last night (around 8:15 pm) there was attempted rape in the park by the bridge that crosses over the lagoon by the road. A women was jogging alone and was attacked by a young black malel about 20 years old, with short hair, clean cut, wearing baggy blue pants and a white tee shirt. He approached the jogger and said "I think you dropped this" she said "It looked like some keys" and she responded "No those aren't not mine" at which point he grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Fortunately a male jogger with his dog saw him push her to the ground, yelled at him, and ran towards the suspect. I heard the screaming and ran out into the park but the suspect fled the scene running through the oak trees between the jogging path and Exposition Blvd heading towards St Charles and then turned down Benjamin Street towards Henry Clay. Park Security and Police responded instantly, the police later caught and detained someone who fit the description, but later determined it was not the suspect and unfortunately no other suspect was found. The woman was shaken but not hurt but female joggers should be alerted and told to run in pairs as a predator is out there. If anyone on Benjamin or around the park finds any discarded clothing (white tee shirt, baggy pants or jogging suit), leave them and call the second district police to let them know what you have found.

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