Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pack of wild dogs are back near City Park Area

I got three emails about this last PM!

"Hey folks, I apologize for an additional email tonight, but I just encountered a pack of 4 wild dogs while walking our dog:  white pitbull, brown chow, black large mix and brown large mix.  They are hanging around South Park at Marconi.  When Steve try to shoo them off the pitbull came directly for him.  They are heading down Navarre on the neutral ground now (this has all happened in the past 5 minutes).
Please be careful while walking your animals or if you have any animals that stay outside.
Also, if someone is feeding these dogs on the neutral ground, please don't. There are two piles of dog food on the neutral ground of Central Park @ Marconi.  We all hate to see stray animals, but when they are traveling in a pack it can become very dangerous for the area, residents, children and animals.
Thank you."

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