Monday, June 25, 2012

I love and appreciate these notes...

Hi Nicole!
I’m home and so very happy to see my boys.  I just got finished breakfast and reading the daily notes from Erin.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate New Orleans Pet Care and Erin!  The house looks like I left it, and the cats look great!  I loved being able to go online to your blog and view their pictures while I was away.  I wouldn’t be able to leave home without your assistance, and I’m so confident that my pets are in good hands that I never worry while I’m away.   I miss them very much, but I don’t worry about their care at all.

I think Erin handled the meds for Sam perfectly, and I really appreciate her attentiveness to their litter boxes.  In particular watching that Sam pooped and was aware when one of the stools were loose and trying to figure out which one it was.   Not everyone would be pay attention to that, but it is important, and I really appreciate her attentiveness!  I also loved that she cleaned their eyes.   I didn’t even mention that during our pre-visit, but she noticed when their eyes were running or had gunk in them, and she cleaned them.  I think she did a marvelous job.  J

Thanks again so very much!!!!!

Thanks so much Ms. M!  Travel more...  

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