Thursday, June 21, 2012

This made my day!

I wish I could fix the format but I am not that smart!

New Orleans Pet Services was invaluable to me after I had surgery for a broken
arm.  I was facing a 3+ months recovery, so it was going to be impossible for me
to walk my two sheep dogs.  I called Nicole Douget at NOLA Pet Care, and she
scheduled dog walkers for me.  My dogs had 2 walks a day.  There were several
walkers, but Bradley was the main person who took my dogs on walks for three
weeks.  My dogs adored Bradley!  They jumped for joy every time he came to the
door!  It was obvious that Bradley loves dogs and was happy to see them every
day!  He was punctual, rain or shine.  He was totally focused on the dogs during
the walks.  He trained them to walk on his left side so that I could handle the
dogs easily when I had recovered enough to take them on walks by myself.  To my
surprise and delight, when I started walking my dogs again, they were better
behaved, particularly when we met up with other dogs on the walks.  Bradley did
an amazing job with my dogs, and I am so very appreciative.  New Orleans Pet
Services provides a very needed service.  We never know when accidents or
illnesses will occur, making it difficult or impossible for us to walk our
beloved dogs.  I can now rest easy, knowing that I could call NOLA Pet Care
anytime that I need them in the future.

Thanks to Elizabeth Schonberg for connecting us.  Ms. B - 
thanks for sharing them with us!  We are thrilled that you are better but sure miss y'all.  Thanks for taking the time... we love y'all!  

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