Friday, July 6, 2012

These just make my day!

Hope you had a nice cool 4th of July. The summer is moving quickly. Well, Mom and J and I talked and we asked P and A for their comments too and basically we think you guys do a wonderful job. I love getting the daily log when we got home.  I am saving it and putting it with P things.  It's great to read how the days and walks went. The pictures are priceless and gave us our daily dose of our good big girl.  I'll talk to A about putting in more appearances so we can get some pictures of her too.

 All the walkers were great with P and Mom and we really appreciate Barb helping Mom water the garden. That was a wonderful help!!

The only thing that needs improvement is the weather-- a little cooler please-- but not sure what control you have over that.   All in all we are so pleased with your service and I really really  felt the difference of being able to travel and have a sense of peace that Mom and the girls are being watched and are OK.  That will be so crucial when we go overseas so Thank you for taking us as clients.  If I can think of anything else that you could do or add to your services I will let you know. Otherwise keep up the good good work!!

All the Best,

Thanks so much V for sending this note... they make us so happy and we are thrilled to have y'all in our family!  

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